How Obama can Win the Election, even if he Loses the Election

by Benjamin Gaul

Obama’s Chicago-style political machine has a number of dirty tricks up it’s collective sleeve.

The first two elections Obama won for public office, first in Illinois State Government, and then as Senator for Illinois, he ran unopposed. His was the only name on the ballot because his operatives had found dirt on his opponents. They both dropped out of the race before voting day. Sealed Divorce Court records were mysteriously opened and delivered to local news agencies, as if by a miracle.

Then, in the 08 Democrat Presidential Primaries when he was running against Hillary Clinton, most of the polling places in Iowa ~a state unfortunately right next to Illinois~ were packed with Obama voters. SEIU and ACORN “volunteers” had been bussed in from all over Chicagoland. They refused to exit the buildings, and the Hillary voters were denied access the entire day. Iowa was supposed to be a lock for Hillary, and Iowa WOULD have ensured her nomination as the Democrat contender.

So, we already know that the Obama machine is willing to play dirty, even against members of their own political party. What you may not be aware of are the contingency plans they have in place, for the incipient Romney win. The groundwork for this exact scenario has been in the works for a few decades, in fact; we saw a trial of it in the 2000 Presidential race, when Al Gore tried to steal the election in Florida.

First, look for Media based Predictions and Exit Polls which show Obama in the lead.

The independent polling organizations like Quinnipiac are all now showing Romney leads, but the Media based ABC, NBC, CNN polls show Romney losing by vast chasms. The independent and state-by-state polls have to be as accurate as they can be, or they lose credibility. The media driven polls can sample 10 to 15% higher Democrat numbers, and never get called on it.

Second, look for floods of “last minute” voter registrations, too voluminous for voting officials to keep up with.

Muddying the waters with huge numbers of voter registrations ~which need to be vetted and corroborated by already stretched poll workers~ allows duplicates and Mickey Mouse voters to sneak in, unchallenged. Any and all efforts to ensure voting rolls are clean is challenged as “voter disenfranchisement!” As if letting Mickey Mouse vote dozens of times for Obama, does not “disenfranchise” the people who vote once, legally, for Romney, while they’re still alive.

This is why efforts to require I.D. in order to vote are criticized with such vehemence by every Leftist organization with an internet connection. Massive voter fraud and cheating cannot happen as easily, if people are required to PROVE they can vote, legally.

The idea behind the inaccurate polling and registration flooding is to set up the Obama campaign for After Vote lawsuits.

When Obama loses the popular vote and the Electoral College numbers, I predict legal challenges in every red state. The Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU and dozens of other Leftist legal teams are already gearing up.

They will cry foul, pointing out all of the poor/minority voters whose votes got overlooked in the last minute dash to register. They’ll cite exit polls from every district Romney wins, showing how Obama was cheated out of what was predicted to be a Barack-O-thon voting frenzy. Media Outlets, just as they did for Kerry in 04, will be calling states for Obama on live television, WELL before the polls close and the votes are tallied. In the 2004 election, states were being called for Kerry which ended up being WIDE margin wins for Bush. Wishful thinking, or willful attempts at suppressing late Bush voters?

Fortunately, Team Romney isn’t quite as complacent or polite as team Gee Dubya was, back in 2000. Romney’s people KNOW what kind of malfeasance the Obama Chicago-style political machine is prepared to unleash. The Left has been telegraphing these punches, and legal defenses are already in place.

Romney will NOT be steam-rolled while Democrats break laws and rules all over America, in an attempt to steal the election, like they did in Florida 2000.

Have you ever heard how to cook a live frog?

Put a live frog in a pot of warm water over a small flame, and the frog will stay in, happy to be warm, until he’s cooked. Toss that same live frog into a pot of boiling water, and he’ll jump out immediately. Barack Obama is that pot of boiling Liberal water into which we, the American people, were tossed.

I predict a Romney boil-over, as we all jump out of the Leftist cook-pot.

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