Obama, Romney and respective parties are the culmination of a great nation adrift with no center

A Great Nation Adrift with No Center – Ripe for Fall

Written By: First & Last Name: Robert Darmody
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Is it just me or is this country ‘going down the tubes’ in social and civil terms? Lately it feels more like being shoved down the tube. I’m neither Republican nor Democrat partisan; distaste for both parties is almost equal. I haven’t pledged allegiance to Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney. I’ve been able to remain independent.

American Individualism is Gasping in Death Throes

For any citizen to take a stand based on personal values, regardless of the candidate or issue, the choice must be made in agreement with choices of partisans. In our highly charged partisan socio-political environment, one can no longer express support without being trashed by extremists on the left or right and labeled a partisan for the other side.

Respect for viewpoints, though differing, was something with which I grew up. Sure the partisans and political hacks have always been with us. Party loyalty existed then as well. What was different was that civility in public at large existed. If you had a friend or relative wearing an Ike or Stevenson button it wasn’t a big deal; often good natured joking and barbs were the only conflict that would occur. A Kennedy bumper sticker or Carter button wasn’t expected to earn cold shoulders or vandalism.

We were all Americans who often disagreed with each others’ opinions but respect and civility prevailed in almost all circumstances.

It isn’t a Republican/Democrat Thing

The group think, group blind loyalty mood that has replaced erstwhile civility, is one of the most destructive conditions to our ‘body politic’ . It suppresses former ‘cool headed’ non-partisan folks in the middle who used to determine which candidate was best for the country; not the party. Scare tactics in political ads wherein words are put in opponents’ mouths without any burden of proof whatsoever, insult the intelligence of the average person. Both major parties are responsible for this outrageous miscarriage of the intent of free ‘political speech’.

For Democracy to Function, Lying is Prerequisite

I’m reminded of Claude Raines’ performance in a scene from Casablanca. The Nazi’s ordered Rick’s Cafe closed, and the now famous line was expressed: “I’m shocked, shocked, to find that gambling is happening here!”

Every other partisan hack these days, and they are far greater in number, expresses outrage at discovery that their guy/gal’s opponent uttered an untruth! Hence everybody must entirely reject everything that candidate says?

If that was a criterion for not supporting a politician there would be no functional Democratic process. It isn’t whether they lie, but why and how creatively they do it.

The only way to reveal truth and competence is by primarily isolating and examining what politicians do. Secondarily, compare what they have done to what they promise to do.

Mindlessness Prevails

Not enough space here to count them all. I was excited about the emergence of the youthful (comparably), dynamic young man from Chicago (my home town) and like many others was impressed at his almost Kennedyesque personna.

Soon, upon closer inspection, I looked at what he’d done compared to what he was promising and chose not to vote for him; not bitterly at all because nothing would please me more in any election than America choosing a competent candidate without prejudice over his or her heritage or religion. We got a great result in that election, however with the wrong person who appointed a lot of other wrong persons to positions of power.

As mentioned above, I’m not a party partisan and have voted for Democrats, Republicans and even a couple of third party candidates over the last 44 years.

Recent events that send a chill to my bones are many. In the North East, the folks are experiencing some of them. What kind of country is being ushered in?

How is it that at this writing people are in the dark; with food spoiled or spoiling; unable to purchase gasoline because electric pumps are out. Yet big generators can support lavish Left sympathetic Celebrity Parties in Manhattan? http://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/2012/11/02/new-yorkers-desperate-while-elite-party-after-hurricane-sandy/

Why is it that there is no apparent local public outrage over work crews arriving to help fellow Americans suffering without power getting turned away because they are non-union? Are y’all quiet about it up there or is the loyal press also freezing you out too? Your apparent meekness doesn’t resemble the the New York, New Jersey people I’ve become acquainted with over a lifetime…

Why is it that the Red Cross is crowned ‘honorary’ official coordinator of all emergency relief efforts by a press that is severely critical of both Romney campaign and others who headed North East with trucks laden with survival supplies, water and food? Is that supposed to be something evil?

The Loyal Press Continues to “Stand Down”

I have no apology for choosing (with nose held firmly) an alternative to this arrogant Administration with almost all the disgraceful major press running interference in these last days. My support is for all persons rights to marry and form families in any way they choose; strongly advocate legal respect for bodily sovereignty of all persons; not just women.
Theological extremists on the right are as blindly dedicated to infringing on our Constitutional protections as are the Socialist Revolutionaries on the left!

The three largest partisan groups in this Nation are the Republicans, Democrats and the Press!

It is nauseating!

Democrats and Republicans, Christians, Jews and Atheists, ethnic/racial minorities and majorities, union members and the unemployed and other Americans, Gay Straight and everything in between, had better awaken soon to the acute jeopardy to our traditional, albeit imperfect, freedom and security.

We have no choice left with these two clowns but to prioritize what issues are more urgent and likely to be better dealt with in choosing who’s best suited to the tasks.

Social issues are important only if we have a country within which they can matter. Threats to our way of life exist domestically and Internationally.

Trust common sense. A future Chinese government would respect no unions. Future Islamic extremist rule would consider a woman’s bodily sovereignty laughable. It is just that critical a consideration. If it seems far fetched to you, the current Administration isn’t the only repository for arrogance. We must survive as a sovereign nation in a hostile World.

To the rest of the World; our allies and adversaries, we are looking very weak lately and so are our currency and economy.

Nobody gets it all! When choices are limited to two Olympic level liars as figureheads, all we can do is vote for who will buy us time and perhaps another chance to ‘get it right’ next election.

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