Small Biz Owner: Think Like China Now Or You’re In Trouble

The Next Two Weeks are Crucial For Your Business

By Bridgette Bryant

Consider this is a public service reminder. Businesses virtually stop in about two weeks for the next two months so unless you are in the holidays industry, you’d better start stocking up for winter RIGHT NOW!!

To my business owning friends, kudos for sticking with it through these rough days. I promise they will not last forever. Nothing does.

But as we approach the holiday season, remember in advance how fast time flies  once Halloween is over. In a couple of days it’s Thanksgiving, a week later it’s Christmas, and the next morning it’s New Year’s Eve.

In all this hustle and bustle, apparently a lot of companies don’t need to turn a profit so people tend to be distracted and unavailable to hear new pitches. Unfortunately, this typically goes on through the third week in January until people start to, unwillingly, get back to work. So basically, you’ve got until a week before the next holiday hits to get your goods for the winter or it may get un”BEAR”able for you (sorry, couldn’t help it).

So here are my suggestions on how to make sure your holiday hibernation is exactly what you want it to be:

  1. Start now. Make a plan today. Decide what you need. Add 20%. Set a goal for what you want to accomplish by November 14th and TAKE OFF toward that goal now.
  2. If there could be two number ones, this one would qualify as another. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!! If  you have not been getting the results you want (and if the idea of no new clients for three months is a really bad situation for you), you’ve got to change up the game and do something different so you can yield a different result.
  3. Let the past go. It is an implanted, habitual act in most of us to believe that what happened last time will happen again. This is very rarely true. Remember that, though your base goal may be the same -excelling business- your strategy is at least slightly different, your timing is different, your targets are different internally (and possibly externally as well), and most important, YOU’RE different. You’re smarter, stronger, more powerful, and perhaps even a bit more popular than you were last time. Nothing’s stopping you this time, but you. So go for it and get moving!

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