Two reasons behind Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s reconciliation

It has been almost two months since Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson decided to reunite; leaving some to speculate, with cynicism, over their intentions.

On July 17, “People Magazine” photographed Stewart kissing Liberty Ross’s husband, Snow White and the Huntsman’s director Rupert Sanders. Following Stewart’s public apology to boyfriend Rob, Pattinson reportedly packed his belongings, and immediately moved out of the home the couple shared. In the aftermath, Stewart’s career and reputation became the story that just wouldn’t die. With a narrative that suggested she would do anything to get Rob back, not a day passed without at least one newspaper or tabloid featuring them in a published report. ‘

As time passed, the lingering question everyone seemed to be asking was would their fairy tell romance ever resume. One must admit some of the rumors attempting to explain Pattinson’s sudden change of mind sound more ridiculous than chances of werewolf’s and vampires living in our midst. Nevertheless, with the use of a little logic it’s fair to conclude that the twilight couple’s decision to reconcile their relationship was perhaps influenced by a combination of objectives, not least among them; money. That said, here are two of the most likely reasons behind Stewart and Pattinson’s reconciliation. And might I add the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

While there are many human actions and deeds that appeal to the cynical side of my nature, I find it difficult to dismiss the argument that both Stewart and Pattinson are deeply in love and therefore, in the course of time, the strength of their affection has overcame the crisis that drove them apart. I draw support for this position from a New York Daily News article, which stated, “After months purportedly on the outs, the [Twilight] co-stars have been spotted acting like a couple again in recent weeks.” The report also stated: “They were photographed holding hands at a Halloween event, with Pattinson leading [Stewart] through a crowd in chivalrous fashion.”

“Pattinson even draped his arm around Stewart at a surprise Prince concert in Los Angeles last week,” LA Weekly reported.

Huffington Post reported seeing the two “cozying” up together at an after party following the Nov. 3rd premiere of “On the Road.” “’The “Twilight’ co-stars eyed each other all night as they mingled with friends and sipped on cocktails,” according to the website.

E! News left little doubt of their sincerity, exclusively reporting from a source that, “The twosome, accompanied by a group of friends, sat in a corner booth…. They were affectionate toward one another and appeared very comfortable and content,” Pattinson and Stewart “stayed to the very end,” according to E!, adding that they “were seen tenderly touching” one another throughout the night.

Now none of this proves whether or not their love is an everlasting one, which can certainly be debated in subsequent reports. However, I would find it fairly unusual for Stewart or Pattinson to consistently exhibit a façade of affection, especially when they aren’t being watched.

Though I see the cup as half full, and therefore prefer to accept people’s motives at face value, I must nevertheless surrender the stage to the counter argument, which suggests the well-timed reunion is a political coup meant to reinvigorate the Twilight fan base ahead of the release of the final installment of the billion dollar franchise.

To date the franchise has pulled in more than $1 billion in domestic box office sales (and an additional $1.5 billion worldwide).

On Sept. 8, Gossip Cop, citing Associated Press, quoted Stewart as saying, “We’re going to be fine,” after she was asked the question, “what ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ promotions would look like” without Rob by her side. In addition, the website pointed out that “Stewart indicated… the media push for the Twilight Saga finale will not be a problem for her.” Given reports that Stewart was heartbroken, struggling to cope with the reality of a life without Pattinson, these two statements appear to contradict those reports, unless, Rob had already began to communicate with his distraught co-star. There had been whispers of a reunion published in the press, which may have served a strategic objective. After all, the “Twilight Saga” is responsible for the bulk of Steward’s income this year, thus, talk of reunion might have been just what the doctor ordered to guarantee Twilight’s box office goes out without a hitch.

Stewart’s concern for the franchise was perhaps evident in the opening segment of her public apology, which appeared in United Kingdom’s daily national tabloid newspaper “The Sun.” According to the tabloid, Stewart was quoted as saying, “I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected.” The implication could certainly have included the franchise responsible for her financial fortune, and in hindsight could have possibly been intended to set the groundwork for an orchestrated reconciliation.

For the good of the production, industry insiders speculate the pair may have put their differences aside and sat down for a bit of political strategizing in their mutual financial and professional best interest.

After all, both actors have staked their professional reputations on the films. Stewart earned $34.5 million last year, primarily thanks to her role in the Twilight saga.

Pattinson was right behind her–he took home $26.5 million. Both have much to gain if Breaking Dawn Part 2 is a success—and much to lose if it isn’t.

“People in Rob and Kristen’s position have to play politicians,” says Michael Heller, CEO of Talent Resources, a New York-based marketing firm that matches celebrities with branding opportunities. Like politicians, the personal lives of celebrities are up for critique—and play a definite role in their professional success (whether it’s a presidential campaign or a film release).

Setting the relationship on the right track (at least publicly) could be little else than a campaign strategy for the pair. Given recent reports that at a secret face-to-face meeting between Rob and Kristen, Rob insisted that they both have their respective attorneys and reps present in all business arrangements, arguably, their reconciliation seems par for the course.

For a celebrity couple to portray a fictional couple in a film only increases the pressure put on that “real life” relationship, Heller says. “If right before that movie comes out there’s a split it can absolutely affect sales.”

He echoes what “Forbes” contributor David Vinjamuri pointed out this summer: that the bad press of a breakup presents a very real danger for the last film of the Twilight franchise – The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, which hits theaters in November could be in for a rude awakening. Beyond that, he wrote, “It begs an even bigger question: what is the financial risk (and opportunity) of stars whose lives suddenly overshadow a brand franchise?”

In my understanding of the industry—and Heller’s career as an industry heavyweight as he’s represented Lindsay Lohan, so he understands spin—that financial risk is precisely what explains the actions—and reconciliation—of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Their real-life relationship has threatened to eclipse the relationship of their on-screen characters, presenting a possible box-office disconnect for their fans.

Particularly with the rise of social media, and the around-the-clock surveillance of celebrities, the movie going experience has changed, Heller says. You go to a movie and you see Jennifer on the screen but you’re also thinking about what she wore when she got coffee last week in L.A. When is she going to get married; and how sad it would be if she’s too old to have children.

So as we ponder the question that ask if the couple resumed their relationship because they sought the happiness ever-after dream or because business realities compelled them into a decision based on sound economic judgment; for some reason I believe we might never know the real answer if we focus on mutual exclusivity.
But the reality of their circumstance does not necessarily indicate Stewart or Pattinson had to face a choice of either or; one or the other; love or money. In fact, the preponderance of evidence as well as the realities that govern their professional responsibilities should certainly be part of the equation, which informed the decision they made.
No one knows if the couple will be together following the end of the Twilight Saga. And in all practicality it doesn’t matter. But one thing is for sure, their decision to reconcile the relationship appears to have been guided by at least two factors. Moreover, any effort by journalist to diminish the integrity of Stewart or Pattinson, by suggesting money was the only reason they got back together, can only reveal that writer’s self-pride and ignorance.

I am certainly convinced that three years in a relationship matters; money matters, love matters, and one mistake doesn’t necessarily rise to the level that would cause one partner to throw the baby out with the bathwater. In other words, you don’t discard something valuable in your eagerness to get rid of some useless thing associated with it; you don’t throw the baby out just because the bathwater is dirty.

It’s nice to know Robert Pattinson is endowed with wisdom enough to make the right decision.


Contributor D. Chandler