Romney, Bush, Trump: The Propaganda of Hating The Rich

The lie that’s robbing you of your prosperity and your cash.

by Bridgette Bryant

You may not know this but the same fight we are watching and buying into now occurred back during the drafting of the 16th Amendment. The Democrats convinced the people that  Republicans were only out for the rich and started a war-on-the-rich campaign called “soak the rich” that turned everyone against anyone who was not poor and ultimately lead to the worst taxation on the middle class in the history of the country.

Despite the amount of time that has passed, we are all still exactly the same and living out this same battle.

Back then when the people fell for it we became the victims of a political prank call the federal income tax. This time, we are lined up to lose not only our money, but also our freedom of choice. Not in the areas that are being waved before us like women’s rights and social issues (these are all choices we should all be free to make on our own). It is instead in areas that cause us to give up our monies whether we want to or not. More detail on that in a moment, for now, back to the point.

In a sentence, here is why it is wrong to be mad at rich people: because they are the ones paying for all this $#@&.

Let’s be real. Who made that snazzy new phone you can’t even leave at home for an hour without going into withdrawal over? Who built that coffee chain where you go to get your super-puffed-up-way-to-long-titled-with-extra-everything-venti-why-don’t-you-just-say-large coffee? Who’s paid for those shows you relax and watch after work like Desperate Housewives and The Kardashians? Let’s tell the full truth, unless you’re a business owner, who the hell is making sure your paycheck clears?

So you mean to tell me that we’re supposed to think it is logical to be angry at the people who brought us iPhones, Starbucks, Dancing with the Stars, and who put a CHECK IN OUR HANDS which, in turn, puts a roof over our heads?!


Come on, guys, that makes no sense whatsoever. Jealous of them? Sure. Hopeful that one will fall in love with us so we can marry into money? Absolutely. But angry to the point of hatred…sorry to say, but not only is that biting the hand that feeds you, but it is also an ignorant frame of mind long-term.

Here is why; Ii you get it into your heart that you hate someone or something, what do you do? You stay as far from it as possible and you don’t dare do things that it would do for fear of being contaminated and, therefore, you never even get close to becoming it. THAT’S how this “screw the rich” mentality is destroying your prosperity. It teaches us that whatever the rich do and would do in our situation is wrong, greedy, and selfish and so we never do it ourselves and, therefore, we stay EXACTLY WHERE WE ARE.

Hear this: I am not rich in any form or fashion so I have nothing to gain here except your condemnation (which I probably have by now) but I am going  say this anyway…

What would happen if what the anti-rich population wants to happen, happened? Let me be more specific. If the rich get taxed out of the wa-zoo, what is going to happen to/for you?

Few guesses: you may lose your job, a friend or family member may lose their job, yet another American product could head overseas for development, and most importantly (also most definitely) the price of whatever Mr. or Ms. Rich was selling to you is going to rise to cover this new tax being placed on them. That’s just common sense business. So far…who’s getting “soaked” here?

Another option: they (the rich) may all keep leaving the country like they have been. I’ve heard some say “good riddance”  to them but think about the long-term implications of this. Not only are they taking their jobs overseas, their money overseas, and their luxury spending overseas, many of them are leaving us altogether. That means less tax revenue, less investors, and greater competition from other nations because, when the rich move, they aren’t going to stop creating innovation and building businesses. They’re just going to stop doing it HERE.

But think about it? What would you do if you were constantly being attacked in your home country? What would YOU do if all the people whose livelihood you are paying for were constantly trying to coerce with the government to take you out? AND you know you don’t have to take that kind of treatment because you can afford to live anywhere in the world you want to? Logically and honestly, wouldn’t you do what you needed to do to protect your finances and your family? At some point, no matter how patriotic you are, wouldn’t you start considering leaving as well if for no other reason than the fact that this nation is not what you once knew it to be?

So why are you allowing yourself to be convinced to be mad at someone you don’t even know for doing exactly what you would do if you were in the same situation?

We are buying into the lie that it is the rich who are orchestrating the things that are making life unbearable. They are not the ones policing our ever move. They are not the ones taking away our civil and personal liberties. They are not the ones keeping us from reaching for our dreams. Sure there are some greedy, power-hungry groups and individuals doing bad things but those are not the people whom the “soak the rich” venom is directed toward. Those guys don’t even use paper money because they operate on a whole, ‘nutha, level and if they DO opt to pay taxes it’s only for accounting purposes and it comes right back to them.

Am I saying there should be unfair tax breaks? Absolutely not. Do I believe in increases taxes on the middle class? Unfortunately government finds lots of ways to make it seem legitimate to do so. I am saying that buying into the down-with-the-rich rhetoric is in the best interest of no one. I am saying that not all rich people are greedy bastards. And I am saying that, historically, trying to bully the rich just turns out badly for everyone.

“Soak the rich”…ha! It always ends up soaking you, my friend.

2 Responses to "Romney, Bush, Trump: The Propaganda of Hating The Rich"

  1. Bridgette Bryant   November 12, 2012 at 10:56 pm

    You should re-read the article. No one promotes tyrannical injustice and this article in no way supports such a thing. It points out exactly what you said, that the “rich” are investors that keep things flowing and it goes on to say that hating them because of their money and trying to force them to pay extra because they have more is wrong. It would be wrong no matter what the context to force anyone to do anything.

    As for the comment, “They keep us down,” No one has the power to keep you down except you and it is most-likely your ill-conceived concept of how to not be “down” that keeps you there.

  2. Someone Who has an Actual Brain   November 5, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    You are vastly the most ignorant person… You should give up your political “career” because you’re so far indoctrinated that you aren’t even capable of thinking for yourself. No… just forever a puppet to ill ideas and illogical concepts; you only regurgitate the garbage that they’ve force fed you for years.

    The notion that we owe our bosses our livelihood is completely false. It’s really kind of the opposite, actually. If they didn’t have us to work for them… then they would make no money. They will have a hard time operating their factories and manning their stores all by themselves… You might even go to say that it is impossible.

    We also do not owe the “rich” for our modern technology. Many-an-invention was created by poor or otherwise out of luck people Or if not, a board of investors with many playing a high-stakes, all-o-nothing game. It might be financed by a people of a better financial standing… but that isn’t what we owe to it’s creation. It is like a water wheel, almost. And the “rich” or other investors are the water. Sure, they get the gear turning… but it’s not the water that causes the production of energy… it is the actual act of the gear turning. But you know… we’d be able to supply our own water if the greedy thugs in charge didn’t keep it for themselves. They aren’t responsible for the roof over our heads, either. They are responsible for that we might one day lose the roof over our heads for not dancing to their beat.

    They keep us down. They keep us dependent upon them, as your article already alludes to. Yet you simply believe that because they are already on top that we are to leave them to be? No. You can be content living to the obsequious beats of their drums… but I know that I, and any good American, will simply not stand for such tyrannical injustice.

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