Indianapolis Police Investigating Nov. 10 Explosion as Homicide

Indianapolis (WI) – The Guardian Express broke a story on November 10, 2012, of a powerful explosion, which killed two people and completely leveled one home while setting afire or damaging other homes on surrounding properties

In the followup report that we promised to bring you, we have just learned that NBC News has published a report confirming that the Indianapolis explosion is now being investigated as a homicide case.

The incident occurred on the 8400 block of Field Fair Way and Towhees Drive; that’s where reports say the explosion happened.

Several callers reported hearing a loud blast in the area, right on the city’s south side near the area of Sherman Drive and Stop 11 Road.

More than 100 firefighters were called to the scene in an effort to put out the flames.

If you remember, at the time, the cause of the explosion and the severity of the injuries were not immediately clear, according to Captain Rita Burris.

A homeowner in the area told reporters that his house shook and “teeter-tottered” on its foundation.

With police and fire departments swarming all over the place at the time, they were never able to produce clear answers.

After several days, Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry appealed to the public for information about a white van that was seen in the area, according to NBC affiliate WTHR.

Curry has revealed that the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are now assisting with the case.

Police have also told reporters that Jennifer Longworth, 36, and Jon Dion Longworth, 34, were killed when their house collapsed on them as a result of the explosion. The couple lived next door to the house where the explosion happened.

Eighty-one homes out of 125 in the subdivision were also damaged, according to the Indianapolis Star. Moreover, at least half the homes were deemed unsafe and the city asked that they be boarded up by the end of today.

The blast originated in the house of Monserrate Shirley, a 47-year-old nurse.

Shirley was out of town at a casino with her boyfriend when the blast occurred, authorities said.

Her 12-year-old daughter was staying with friends, and their cat had aboarded before the blast occurred, according to the Star.

In a tearful interview with the Star, Shirley said: “I’m devastated. I don’t sleep. I don’t eat. I’m just shocked like everybody else. It’s like waking up to this bad dream. I mean I wish I was there, I would be dead. I wouldn’t need to be asked any questions.”

Monday’s announcement came hours after the funeral service for the Longworths.

Southwest Elementary, where Jennifer Longworth worked as a second-grade teacher, was closed Monday so students and teachers could attend the service.

The funeral took place at St. Barnabas Catholic Church, where the Longworths were married 11 years ago, according to the Star.

Meanwhile, some 20 firefighters and police officers carefully and slowly combed the blast site, hunting for clues in the debris.

A $1,000 reward has been posted for information leading to an arrest and conviction. The ATF also promises a $10,000 reward for viable information.

Reportedly, homeland security is also involved with solving the case.

Mayor Ballard’s spokesman, who lives in the area, told a local T.V. station that the mayor was on the scene; inspecting the damage not long after the blast had occurred.


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