Michael Vick must feel he’s an unprotected target

This is Somewhat of a Re-run, but He Deserves It

by James Turnage:

If you watched last night’s MNF game you witnessed several issues, present and future.

The first item was a needed and much improved Philadelphia Eagle defense. At the same point you saw the worst offensive line in football. I am not a Michael Vick fan, but he must feel as though he were an unprotected target. New Orleans defense, not highly praised itself, controlled the game.

You most likely watched the game that will become Andy Reid’s epitaph. He’s been standing on thin ice all season, but last night’s loss has put them out of playoff contention and probably a last place finish in their division.

Fair or not, you probably witnessed the beginning of the end for Vick as a starting quarterback. He is physically quick, but mentally slow in making decisions to effectively move the offense and reduce turnovers.

There were no revelations about the New Orleans Saints. They still have one of the most exciting offenses in the NFL. What was somewhat new, was the effectiveness of their running game. Their three tiered running attack of Pierre Thomas, Mark Ingram, and Chris Ivory was an impressive improvement.

But what makes the offense one of the best in football is quarterback Drew Brees. He completed 21 of 27 passes for 293 yards. He extended his streak of games where he completed at least one touchdown pass to 51. It was the 93rd game in which he completed 2 or more touchdown passes.

I enjoy pre-game shows whose commentators are mostly former coaches or players, but I take them very lightly. Their analysis of teams or players often tend to make you believe a team or player is the greatest in football history, only to discover a week or two later they made an “oops”. I watch all of them say that Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL, closely followed by Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning. Some of them even praise Eli Manning. None of them give the number one rating to Brees.

I may be missing something, but a quarterback who is only six feet tall, but reads defenses and finds open receivers better than anyone else in football is not only the most valuable player on his team, but also the best at his profession. He is without his mentor and head coach in Sean Payton, and still performs at the highest level. If he had not been released from San Diego, who had one of the most talented teams in football at the time, the Chargers may have won half a dozen Super Bowls by now.

I make this claim based on the fact that I actually watch the games. I am devoted Pittsburgh Steeler fan. “Big Ben” is great, and the best the game has ever seen at extending plays. He is the engine that runs the offense, and inspires the defense. But Brees is at the top of the food chain. He has several records, and will probably have many more before he retires. Maybe when he does, New Orleans will elect him their mayor.

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