Nicki Minaj Has Knocked Down Barriers Opened Some Doors for Femcees

Femcees: A Hidden Gem of the Hip Hop industry

By Kelly J Newson:

Femcees have always been held to a double standard that not only should they have a sick flow but be sexy too. Record labels and even their male counterparts only recognize a Femcee if she is wearing some sexy clad outfit. It’s as if their flow isn’t good enough but if you hold half these rappers to that same stereotype then there would be no lil Wayne, Gucci mane, 2 Chainz or any of these other rappers. Mainly because they don’t have the look but because the hip hop industry is so sexist and a mysonisgist industry. A lot of really talented Femcees get overlooked. It’s like if you not spitting and acting like Nicki then they not giving you a chance and hip hop has died because of this. Not to diss Nicki because she is just doing her thing making music that her fans want to hear. However, it leads record labels and hip hop heads to ignore those Femcees that don’t want to follow Nicki’s style. Nicki Minaj as talented as she is, she still isn’t the spokesperson for all Femcees but she has knocked down some barriers for some. Though, some will say she has made it tougher for others, she still has opened some doors. Some may be controversial but still you must give props where they are due. Let’s just not diss those who came before and embrace those after. One thing femcees can learn from their male counterparts is to band together and not try to outdo one another all the time. Especially if they don’t want to become extinct in this industry.

In the early days of hip hop we had MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Salt N Pepa just to name a few. These are just a few of the big name Femcees who blazed a trail for the likes of Lil Kim, Missy Elliot, Left Eye, Foxy Brown,Nicki Minaj, Temper, Siya, Tamika Denise, Lady LUST and Audra the Rapper.

There are tons of talented unsigned Femcees out there. It’s just a matter of when these labels and so-called hip hop heads recognize that Femcees are more than just sex symbols but some dope lyricists as well. Many of whom will out rap some of today’s hip hop stars. Femcees today are a hidden gem, forget about sexual orientation and just listen to their music you will find it more refreshing and their lyrics not recycled as some of today’s hip hop stars are. There are many talented Femcees out there and for many they have taken matters into their own hands. They have created their own labels, produced their own albums and EP’s while still creating huge followings. Still, it’s unfortunate that unless they aren’t rapping about sex and showing off their bodies they seem to go un-noticed and unsigned.

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