Movie Review: The Collection – A Horror Movie Exemplified [Video Trailer]

The Collection, sequel to the 2009 film The Collector, is a horror film of the finest kind, a horror cinema offering that beats the all time best of the best at its game, scaring the pants off of you.

The film, Written and Directed once again by the team of Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, is a wonderfully terrifying film, with all the blood and gore any horror movie aficionado could ever want.

The cast includes, Josh Stewart as Arkin, Lee Tergesen as Lucello, Christopher McDonald as Mr. Peters, Emma Fitzpatrick as Elena Peters, Courtney Lauren Cumming as a young Elena, Randall Archer as The Collector, Shannon Kane as Paz, Tim Griffin as Dre, William Peltz as Brian, Eaddy Mays as Lynne, Michael Nardelli as Josh, Justin Mortelliti as Zack, Arloa Reston as Lisa and finally Johanna Braddy as Missy.

Josh Stewart returns as Arkin, the twice abducted lead, and is once again captured at one of the Collectors famous entrapment parties. Upon his escape, he finds himself at the hospital recovering, and is again abducted, this time by the parents of a girl, Elena (Emma Fitzpatrick) who is entrapped by the Collector at the same party as Arkin.

Arkin is Blackmailed into helping find young Elena, with the help of some private Mercenaries hired by the family. They then enter the Collectors booby-trapped hideout, attempting to rescue the beautiful Elena, and encounter numerous sadistical rituals all designed to scare and frighten the actors as well as the movie going audience.This offering is much better than the first, and all the loose ends from the original are handled in this rendition.


 Watch the official movie trailer here.

Article by Jim Donahue

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