Obama victory for truth vs. Romney campaign based on “tell them what they want to hear”

Incredible Turnout

by James Turnage

Even as the exit polls predicted President Obama to win his re-election campaign last night, thousands of voters were still standing in long lines to cast their ballots. This is a great victory for America, and I’m not just talking about the results. The fact that so many took advantage of one of our most important rights, the right to vote, was impressive.

States like Nevada which have early voting did not experience the long delays. Voters in states such as Florida and Virginia were standing in line more than two hours after the polls closed.

Our country needs many reforms. Early voting for all states is only one of them. We need campaign reform. The cost of this election is nothing but ludicrous. We need term limits in Washington. The President cannot serve more than two full terms, the same should apply to the congress and senate. The legislature must be on the same health care and retirement plan as the vast majority of the people they work for. They should not be privileged. They work for me, and have better benefits.

Last night’s victory was a victory for the middle class, and a middle class that was informed and well read. It was a victory for truth vs. a campaign based on “tell them what they want to hear” instead of the reality of where Mr. Romney stood on the issues. Our country is still in need of healing. More jobs have to come back to our shores, and there must be an end to living off of a wartime economy. A way to force our legislators to work together and get some work done on the many issues facing the American people must happen sooner, not later. And taxation must be fair. Corporations are making record profits of three and four hundred percent and they and their upper echelon pay a smaller percentage than the average middle class citizen.

A “lame duck” President can be a good thing for the middle class, if he supports them. That is what I voted for, and I am hopeful that within the next four years the United States can become great once again.

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