Obama’s Watergate – Benghazi

Written/Copyright 2012 – Eric Lageson

June 2012. Egypt’s Pres. Mohammed Morsi asks the U.S. government for the release of the “Blind Sheik” aka Omar Abdel Rahman, one of the al-Qaeda masterminds convicted for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. How does President Obama comply with a request that would cause outrage amongst most U.S. citizens?

The Plan. A terrorist group known as Ansar al-Sharia (a branch of al-Qaeda) will kidnap U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens on Sept. 11, 2012. Later, the “Blind Sheik” will be traded for Stevens. Pres. Obama will be killing two birds with one stone; returning the Blind Sheik to Egypt and returning Amb. Stevens back to the U.S.A. – all through BHO’s brilliant diplomatic means.

August 2012. Security is withdrawn from Amb. Stevens, who, repeatedly warns of the growing dangers surrounding him. An 8/16/12 email from Stevens is sent to Sec’t of State Hillary Clinton who forwards it to the White House. Pres. Obama denies the request for added security. The scant protection left is provided by the “Blue Mountain Group” who uses batons as protection. On the very day he is killed, Amb. Stevens e-mails further concerns to the State Dept.

September 11, 2012. Egypt. By no coincidence, Egyptians riot at the U.S. Embassy in Egypt over a YouTube trailer video titled “The Innocence of Muslims”. Muslims are outraged by this blasphemous film which ridicules Mohammed. Here’s something no one in the media/gov’t has noticed (perhaps deliberately.) The video has been partially dubbed. All the inflammatory statements were obviously pieced onto the soundtrack. Who did this and why? Was it done to provide cover and perpetuate the false theory that all this violence occurred over “that YouTube video”? Was it done to censor future YouTube videos? Regardless of who re-dubbed “The Innocence of Muslims”, (and why), it’s clear the White House has used it endlessly as a.) A catalyst for mob violence and b.) censorship. YouTube refused to remove it, despite requests to take it down from the Obama Administration.
7:30 – 8:30 p.m. Amb. Stevens meets with Turkish Consul General Ali Sait Akin. Turkey is being used as a go-between for the United States and Syria; an illegal weapons transfer for Muslim Jihadists.

Approximately 9:35 p.m. The attack begins. Gunmen begin automatic weapons fire and launch rocket-propelled grenades. Amb. Stevens’ security team scatters and his aide Sean Smith is killed.

A CIA annex, located one mile away, receives orders to “stand down”. From who? Pres. Obama is the ultimate authority in this regard.

Two former Navy SEAL commandos Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty disobey orders and rush to save Amb. Stevens. A seven hour battle ensues. Twenty people get out alive. Stevens is placed in a “safe room”. Terrorists set fire to the building. Smoke envelops the compound.

Amb. Stevens is found. Some believe his location is given away by an insider. There is some discrepancy between causes of death – i.e., smoke inhalation, heart attack or was he fatally wounded by the terrorists? I suspect we may never know exactly how Chris Stevens and Sean Smith died.
4 a.m. The battle ends when Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty are killed by mortar fire.

Meanwhile, all of this is being watched from above by a drone broadcasting the carnage to the White House. (Officials have stated there was not enough time for them to save Amb. Stevens, yet there is time to send a drone to film what is happening?)

What went wrong for Obama? OUR PRESIDENT HADN’T COUNTED ON THE BRAVERY OF AMERICANS TO FIGHT BACK AGAINST INCREDIBLE ODDS. HE NEVER WOULD. The kidnapping plan failed thanks to the intervention of Woods and Doherty.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has, from the very beginning, backed the fictional account for this murderous rampage; however, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice would take much of the heat for appearing on various news programs promoting the White House false YouTube theory. Soon thereafter, HRC announces she will step down as Secretary of State at the end of Obama’s first term. I don’t blame her. A scandal this big could ruin her 2016 Presidential run.

“The Innocence of Muslims” filmmaker Sam Bacile aka Nakoula Basseley Nakoula is arrested and jailed for probation violation, i.e., (using a computer), providing false statements and a false name.

Lost among all this is the funneling of arms to Syrian jihadists, which on its own, could bring down Pres. Obama and anyone else involved. 10/23/12 – Russian General Makarov confirms that U.S. stinger missiles are now being used by militants in Syria. Was 25,000,000 U.S. dollars sent to Libya for food or weapons? Why was Amb. Stevens being used as an illegal arms dealer? Why was this consulate being used as weapons depot for Muslim terrorists?
What went wrong with Mitt Romney? Sometime between the second and third debate, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney changed. In Debate 2, Gov. Romney more than wants to talk about what happened in Benghazi and is shut down by moderator Candy Crowley and Pres. Obama. During Debate 3, he never mentions it. Why? What was he told or warned of? The one single issue of greatest damage to Obama and suddenly Romney doesn’t want to talk about it? You could say the election was over by that point.

Media Cover-up. While most Americans are aware that a U.S. Consulate was attacked in Benghazi and our Ambassador was killed, that’s about as far as it goes. Fox News has mentioned it the most.

11/6/12. Barack Obama is re-elected as President of the United States.

In Finality: from 1972 to 1974, the mainstream media would report on Nixon’s Watergate, resulting in his resignation on August 9, 1974. Will the Benghazi scandal lead to the President, Vice-President Biden, Secretary of State Clinton and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta?

Forty years after Watergate, for the most part, the media has not been doing its job. It’s up to you, the public and the citizen journalist to investigate and hold the Obama Administration accountable. Eric Reports

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