Polish Security Arrest Extremist Planning Car Bomb Terror Attack On Parliament

Polish security services said Tuesday they have arrested a right-wing extremist that was planning to carry out a car bomb attack targeting the president, prime minister and ministers during a session of parliament.

Investigators say the man, who was arrested on November 9, is suspected of recruiting a group to carry out a terrorist attack on the parliament buildings in Warsaw. Authorities added that the man was driven by “nationalistic, xenophobic and anti-Semitic” motives.

Polish media reported that the suspect is a 45-year old lecturer at a Cracow agricultural college who planned to position a number of car bombs outside the parliament buildings.

Radio station RMF FM reported that the man had been planning the attacks for several weeks, constructing “professional” explosives.

The suspect was arrested by agents from Poland’s internal security agency. At the time of his arrest, AP reports that the man was in possession of illegal explosive materials, munitions and guns.

Prosecutor Mariusz Krason and other officials gave details of the case at a news conference in Warsaw.

According to the Associated Press report,  the man has confessed in part to the suspicions against him.

If he is convicted he could face up to five years in prison.

Two others working with him were also arrested for the illegal possession of weapons.


AP contributed to this report

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