Rihanna’s 7th album “Unapologetic” lands at #1 in U.S.

 Kelly J Newson

For Rihanna, seven is a lucky number for she has landed her first number one album in the U.S. as well as number one worldwide and her lead single “Diamonds”  is sitting atop the charts as well. Though, many have critizied the princess of pop for not writing on her album but really who cares especially when your most loyal fans are not complaining.

Though, yes it may look better to write your own music and some artists take pride in composing their own work. However, when you have a winning team behind you like Rihanna does why mess with the formula.  However, on “Unapologetic” Rihanna is named as executive producer and is credited with the album’s creative input. So it would seem she just chose not to write or to go with other songwriters songs over her own.  Including remaking the 90’s Ginuwine hit “Pony” with the track “Jump.”  Even collaborating with one of Hip Hop’s greatest Eminem on “Numb,” and R&B’s top guy Chris Brown on “Nobody’s Business.”  Given that Rihanna knows what it takes to create a hit or hit album and with “Unapologetic” she has done just that.  For Rihanna has given her fans yet another hit album that has everything from Pop to R&B to Dance and a bit of Reggae.
So it should be no surprise that “Unapologetic” has reached number 1 worldwide along with its lead single “Diamonds.”  Making Rihanna the hottest woman in music out right now all while she aligns herself up with other amazing female artists who have come before her. Though Rihanna is not done yet, in 2013 she will be kicking off her “Unapologetic” world tour.  A show you will not want to miss. Especially if you caught her 7 days, 7 continents pre-release tour. Rihanna is setting herself up to continue making history and hits all while she continues to re-invent herself, her music and release her perfume line “Nude.”
Some may call her a bit controversial but what artist isn’t or hasn’t been at some point in their career. Rihanna is just capitalizing on her appeal, talent and creativeness.  I am sure she can careless about her critics and why would she.  She has the number one album out right now.
So Rihanna is just living her life, doing what she loves, not giving a damn about her critics and haters.  All she sees is dollar signs and as her album says she is “Unapologetic.”

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