Romney has taken at least three positions, on every issue put before him

Two Reports: The Math Just Doesn’t Add Up

by James Turnage:

I reported the findings of the Tax Policy Center about a week ago. Its report said that giving tax breaks to the very wealthy does not create jobs, and if those cuts were given, taxes would have to be raised on the middle class, at least those making 100,000 dollars a year or more. Romney, of course, called it “garbage”.

The Congressional Research Service has now withdrawn a report, succumbing to republican pressure, stating much of the same information.

Democratic Senator from New York, Charles Schumer said: “This has hues of a banana republic. They didn’t like a report, and instead of rebutting it, they had them take it down.”

The Congressional Research Service was more specific, referring to tax cuts for the wealthy as the “Bush tax cuts”. This caused an uproar from the GOP. They obviously want no connection made between the policies of Bush and those of Romney, though in fact they are nearly identical.

This continues policies by the republicans to thwart any information that exposes ineffective economic policies, and simply tells the truth. They deny, and they lie.

It is difficult to know where Romney stands. On every issue he has taken at least three positions, depending on which audience is before him. I know this. Things are getting better, slowly. It took FDR ten years to get the country in good shape after the depression. No one wants to call what happened in 2008 by that name. If the banks had failed, it would have been.

How can we go backwards? Change is what Mr. Obama promised in 2008. It wasn’t entirely fulfilled, thanks to an obstructionist republican party, but he saved us from total financial destruction. “Forward”, his slogan this year makes sense, much more sense than Romney’s “Backwards”.