Romney’s presidential campaign, caters to extreme right wing of Republican Party

A More Clever Campaign Than Most Will Give Him Credit For

by James Turnage:

In the beginning of Romney’s presidential campaign, he catered to the extreme right wing of the Republican Party. He aligned himself in ways that put him behind in the polls because of his extremism. He even selected Paul Ryan who is as extreme as any candidate in the United States as his running mate.

Most, including myself, thought, “he’s committing political suicide. I was wrong. I underestimated his ambition, and his approach to the election as a corporate takeover.

When a company wants to take over another company, to buy it, slice it up, and make grotesque profits, they send in a very savvy strategist. He enters the negotiations and tells the officers of the company anything they want to hear, until they agree to sell. Once he has them in his pocket, he shows his real side. He doesn’t care about the employees of the company, he cares about the profits he will make.

Romney’s doing the same with the election. The third debate proved it. Once he had the extreme right of his party in the palm of his hand, he showed who he really is. He aligned himself with the President, attempting to obtain many votes that were easily leaning towards Mr. Obama. He is telling the American public what they want to hear.

So, who is Mitt Romney? He’s a corporatist. His goal is power and securing dominance by his wealthy constituents. He has no beliefs. He has no morals. He has one goal, to be the president. He’ll say anything to secure that goal. He is not a man for all people. He is an elitist who is counting on multi-millions of dollars from super-pacs to achieve his personal goals.

He has been proven to be a blatant liar as to the effectiveness of his tax plan. He is a liar when he says that our country is not better off than four years ago. He is a liar when he says he will create 12 million new jobs. (If he does, they will continue to be jobs farmed out to other countries.)

John Kerry was given the “flip-flopper tag by the Republicans. I don’t believe he was. Romney wins the gold medal as the ultimate “flip-flopper” rotating 180 degrees on nearly every issue. He is my Halloween frightmare.

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