Saints vs. Falcons

By James Turnage:

The Atlanta Falcons won last night’s game 23-13. I had been looking forward to their second meeting of the year. The Saints won their first meeting in New Orleans three weeks ago and knocked them off of their undefeated spot in the NFL. They came into the league a year apart, in the same division. The Saints have controlled that division in the last decade.

I’m still mulling over what last night’s victory by the Falcon’s means. It was more of a Saints’ loss. The Falcons are 11-1 and control home field advantage for the NFC playoffs. It looks like they’re going to need it.

The Saints’ defense is ranked 23rd in the league, but controlled the game, allowing the Falcons only 15 first downs vs. 24 for New Orleans. Ryan completed only 18 of 33 passes for 159 yards.

Drew Brees completed 28 of 50 passes for 335 yards. Unfortunately he completed 5 passes to the Falcons. His receivers dropped several passes, or ran wrong routes, and fumbled the ball away. His lack of clock management at the end of the first half cost them at least a field goal. Last night produced an end to their season, and an end to Drew Brees’ record. He had thrown at least one touchdown pass in 54 consecutive games.

There was comical note to the rivalry between these two very good football teams. When the Saints’ bus arrived at the stadium it was pelted with eggs. Players inside the bus saw something oozing down the windows and had to laugh themselves at the ‘high school’ prank. I thought it was funny too.

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