Super Storm Sandy Produces Political Bedfellow Oddity

Fancy seeing odd couple Obama and Christie together

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As soon as the devastating winds had subsided and torrential rains eased, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) was out surveying the damage to his state. Having been born and raised in New Jersey, Christie knows his state and its famous landmarks as well as anyone. So as the major cable and network television cameras followed every step along his tour, it was obvious that the extent and degree of destruction resulting from this storm had a real and significant emotional effect on Chris Christie.

At each stop Governor Christie paused and surveyed the entire area, as if to ensure he made an accurate and detailed visual inventory of what he was seeing. He took the time to talk to as many effected residents as time would allow, listening to the stories of what had been lost, and what needed to be done to begin the recovery process. He fielded questions from the gathered onlookers, the majority residents or business owners who were also seeing the damage for the first time. Each question was essentially the same, what can the state do to help and will we have any assistance from the federal government.

As his tour of the damage concluded, the governor took the time to answer questions from the media, with his responses being carried live over several major networks. The governor took this opportunity to make it very clear that the state of New Jersey was using all of the resources available to assist, and that he had already declared disaster areas for portions of the state, enabling even additional assistance to the effected residents.

When asked specifically about any assistance offered or requested of the federal government, Governor Christie conveyed that “the federal government response has been great. I was on the phone at midnight again last night with the president personally,” he said Tuesday on the “Today Show”. “The president has been outstanding in this.”

When hearing the praise from a republican governor for the efforts and response provided by the white house, President Obama wasted little time in scheduling a visit to New Jersey and accompany Governor Christie on a personal tour. Considering the multitude of pressing foreign relations issues and domestic economic troubles that have this president and administration scrambling to either try to explain or cover up, expect some eyes to be raised over Obama’s quick decision to show his administrations commitment to the victims of New Jersey,

And consider there are several other states suffering similar levels of destruction and the president has yet to commit to a personal visit to any of those states. Maybe the governors of these various states should take Governor Christie’s lead and provide a can’t miss campaign plug, delivered nationally by several major news networks, all free of charge.
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