Surprise! Angus T. Jones of Two and a Half Men Fame Bashes Show That Made him Famous

Angus T. Jones

By Dawn Cranfield

Surprise! Angus T. Jones of Two and a Half Men Fame Bashes Show That Made him Famous

Can anyone be surprised that Angus T. Jones, the youngest star of the Warner Brothers hit, Two and a Half Men, is calling the show “filth” and asking views to “please stop watching”?

Two and a Half Men is just another hole in the sinking ship of television as entertainment; especially since the death of the Charlie character and the introduction of Ashton Kutcher.  While the show until that time had sexual implications, questionable taste, and sometimes the wardrobe choices for the women left little to the imagination, the show had a fun and edgy vibe.

When Charlie Sheen was on the show, the premise made sense and there was a cohesive flow from one episode to the next.  Each week, viewers would tune in to see whether or not Alan and Charlie would continue their brotherly struggle to live together under one roof, and almost co-parent Jake, or whether Charlie would toss Alan out to live on his meager chiropractor’s salary.

As a family unit, Alan’s ex-wife, Charlie and Alan’s mother, and even Charlie’s quirky stalker, Rose, all painted a picture of a dysfunctional functioning family.  You could see the love during tender compassionate moments in the show.  They supported one another; for example when Alan and Charlie went to their mother’s bedside when they thought she had a heart attack, or when Jake went to his first boy/girl dance.

However, I watched the first episode after Charlie Sheen left; I was curious how the show would be handled.  I was bitterly disappointed and could barely make it through that excruciatingly wrong half hour.  The foundation of the show made little sense; what was perfectly believable

Current Cast of Two and a Half Men

before, a man moving in with his brother, was now an inane mockery of the previous show.

It made little sense for a millionaire to purchase a home and let the previous tenant, the owner’s brother, no less, stay in the home.  Additionally, if I recall correctly, the first episode was peppered with jokes about Ashton Kutcher’s character having a huge penis, not particularly funny; and he seemed to be nude quite a bit.

The most disappointing, distasteful and annoying part was the way they handled Charlie’s death; there were far too many jokes made, even one appeared wrong.  This had once been a family and it seemed unrealistic for them to be cracking wise about somebody who was hit by a freight train; sickening really.

I have not watched the show since then, even though I had watched before, even purchasing episodes on DVD.  The storylines I have seen on entertainment news seem inane, unrealistic, and only there to grab headlines and for the wow factor.

Original Cast of Two and a Half Men

If I were Angus T. Jones, I would be embarrassed to be on the show too, not because of the sexual innuendo, but because it has lost all entertainment appeal and has “jumped the shark” since their key player left.

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