Watch President Barack Obama’s Re-election Victory Speech Live Video

After the networks called the election in favor of President Barack Obama, the only thing left was for Romney to give his concession speech and Obama to give his supporters a victory speech. So we have provided you with this live video presentation. The only thing left for you to do is to watch President Barack Obama’s re-election speech on the live video below.

Associated Press has reported that at 11:45, Mitt Romney called President Barack Obama and conceded the 2012 election to his opponent. The customary protocol in United States Presidential Elections has always been for the looser to concede to the Electoral College winner. Romney has gracefully lived up to this tradition.

Several media outlets reported that the former governor had not crafted a concession speech, because he never considered the possibility that he would lose against Obama.

So at approximately 12:55, Mitt Romney appeared on stage and extemporaneously spoke to a very respectful group of supporters. Opening his remarks by saying I called the president and congratulated him on his victory.

Now, everyone awaits President Barack Obama to enter the stage and give his victory speech.

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