2012 Political Memoriam Hopeful List

Newt Gingrich, Rich Santorum, Rich Perry, Herman Cain, Jim DeMint need to be silent; forever

2012 in Memoriam?

Newt Gingrich, Rich Santorum, Rich Perry, Herman Cain, Jim DeMint need to be quite; forever

At the end of every year, various television shows, including the Academy Awards, list individuals who passed away during the previous year. I am often surprised and sometimes somewhat saddened that the world has lost great leaders, scientists, writers, and entertainers.

I have a list I would like to see. I don’t mean that I would like to see them lose their lives, I would just prefer to never have to see or hear them again in the media. Some of you will agree with me, and if you don’t, I don’t care. It’s my list in order of least annoying to the most.

Ron Paul: I don’t “hate” Mr. Paul, in fact some of his ideas made sense. But some of them were so far off the charts that they’re laughable. He’s never going to be a viable Presidential candidate, so let’s not waste time listening to him.

Other Republican Presidential hopefuls, including Newt Gingrich, Rich Santorum, Rich Perry, Herman Cain, and the rest. Did you really think you could get the nomination? Mitt had more money than all the rest of you put together. It was fun to listen to Santorum’s ridiculous assessments, to watch an obviously intoxicated Rick Perry, and to see Herman Cain pretend to be an African American. It was no fun to look at Gingrich. I think all of us would like him to simply go away.

Jim DeMint: This Tea Party favorite continuously spouted his “ideas and positions” on everything, but did nothing. Now that he is out of politics, I hope no one in the media turns on a microphone for him ever again.

Mitt Romney: Although he was a lousy candidate, I somewhat liked Mitt. What I don’t want to hear from him any more are his “ideas”. His “ideas” were based on the group he was pandering too. When he was finally caught candidly on film, we got to know the real Romney.

Paul Ryan: Ryan’s extremism may have led to Romney’s downfall. He is a great representative for the TEA Party, he has no constructive ideas. He had his ten minutes, he’s over.

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell: These two Republican “leaders” had one joint goal from the beginning of their roles in the House and Senate, “to make Barrack Obama a one term President.” They failed, and did nothing else in the legislature with the exception of obstructing every good idea that was presented.

John McCain: In 2000 I supported Mr. McCain. Underhanded tactics put “W” into position to run for the presidency. But in 2008’s election he appeared to be a desperate man. Now he just seems to be senile. He has joined the worst of his party, and is no longer an asset to our country.

Wayne LaPierre: We all heard his major policy statement regarding change by the NRA. There was no change, and never will be. If we all know what he is going to say, why is he given air time to utter his drivel? We all know he is nothing more than the head of a political lobby who has nothing but it’s own interests in mind.

Michelle Bachmann: Old “crazy eyes” barely retained her seat in the legislature in the past election. If she had lost, she wouldn’t be on my list. Now I’m afraid we’ll be forced to listen to her ludicrous statements again.

Sarah Palin: Leave us in peace “Caribou Barbie”, just like you left your state. She has never had one intelligent thing to say, knows nothing about politics, cares nothing for the people of our country, and is destructive to its unity. She is an opportunist, and believes in nothing. She’ll speak in front of crowds and tell them anything that might arouse their emotions with one purpose in mind, to make lots of money. That’s why she and DeMint both left their political offices, the bucks were out there.

FOX “Noise”: This “fair and balanced” television network is anything but. They are simply a tool of the Republican Party, and a venue for Rupert Murdoch to use as a lobby for influencing our government. When Glenn Beck left, I had hoped he’d take O’Reilly and Hannity with him.

So, who gets my number one spot? “The Donald”. Donald Trump was always a nobody. He is a caricature with a bad comb-over. He loves to talk about his successes but never admits to his failures. He achieved the pinnacle of his stupidity and ignorance during the 2012 election. He is laughable, but even that’s getting old. He is nothing more than an “attention whore”, so let’s stop giving it to him.

(You’ll notice I didn’t list G.W. Bush. That’s because no one listens to him anymore, and his own party tries to pretend he never existed).

So, that’s my list. I’d love to see an “In Memoriam” tribute to all of them, but of course I never will. They make money for the networks, and they would rather listen to them than to report the news. I know Cronkite and Murrow are rolling over in their graves.

James Turnage

News Correspondent-The Guardian Express

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