Tom Cruise new love interest?

Tom Cruise new love interest?Does Tom Cruise have a new secret girlfriend?

According to the tabloid, on December 16, Cruise first met Jorge at the New York City eatery Beauty & Essex, where she works, according to a report. “Jack Reacher” star Tom Cruise was smitten with a 26-year-old restaurant manager and he has since become “totally enamored” with the brunette. After Cruise dined at the restaurant and Jorge “handed the superstar her card,”

A source told PEOPLE magazine “Cynthia told me they went out for drinks and it was nothing but a casual night out. She said he’s a nice guy,” The magazine reports that they had their first date two days later at the nightclub Le Baron

“He took her in his arms and spun around the dance floor,” says the tab’s spy, who further alleges, “At one point, they began grinding together. It was straight out of Dirty Dancing.”

A source close to Cruise notes that the actor remains single following his divorce from Katie Holmes, but says he isn’t dating anyone new.

“He’s single and will be talking to women – all of whom he won’t be instantly dating,” the source says.

Other Rebound Rumors are that has chosen Yolanda Pecoraro as his new love interest…
RadarOnline is reporting that Yolanda Pecoraro, a virtually unknown actress, has been cast to fill Holmes’ shoes. Experts claim that the 27-year-old could be the perfect fit for Cruise, as she’s a devout Scientologist and has had two past relationships with other church members.

The claims seem dubious, but the National Enquirer was able to speak with the actress, who told the tabloid, “Yes, I knew and still know Tom Cruise. And no, I’m not married or engaged.”

Though her comment doesn’t give any credence to the claims that she could be the next Mrs. Tom Cruise, it certainly suggests Pecoraro has a publicist who knows a good opportunity when she sees one.
It had been a rough year off-screen for Cruise, who had been reportedly blindsided and “devastated” by Holmes’ divorce filing in June – his third strike after failed marriages to Nicole Kidman and Mimi Rogers.

“Kate has filed for divorce and Tom is deeply saddened and is concentrating on his three children. Please allow them their privacy,” Cruise’s rep said in a statement to the Daily News at the time. Given that Cruise is now living under a microscope, it seems unlikely that a new woman will be “cast” as his romantic interest anytime soon. Cruise was apparently blindsided by the divorce and heartbroken.

This isn’t the first time Cruise has been falsely linked to a new romantic interest since his split from Holmes. Earlier this month, he hung out with friends and well-wishers at a post-premiere party in Sweden, and breathless tabloid headlines quickly tried to link him to both Jennifer Akerman, his Rock of Ages costar Malin Akerman’s sister, and another unidentified brunette at the party.

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