Boehner and McConnell won’t answer phones.

Republicans still working for the wealthy while American's face "Fiscal Cliff"

Boehner and McConnell won't answer their phones.

I’m Beginning to Lose Hope

I thought that after the election the Republican in the House and Senate would come to their senses and begin to do their jobs. I’m so naïve, I scare myself.

Senator Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, is working today, trying to avoid our country falling over the “fiscal cliff”. He can’t even get Boehner or McConnell to answer their phones. The House of Representatives is still on vacation. Boehner refuses to call them to order.

In a previous article, I concurred with the Huffington Post that the G.O.P. may be in its final days. It is a party so divided with so many extremes that it has no place in the governing of our country. They don’t work, they don’t want to. Their attitude is “my way or the highway”, and not all of them agree with that. They don’t care what happens to the American people. They are living the good life. They have jobs where they do nothing and get paid for it. Lobbyists make sure they have all the “perks” they want. And when they retire they have benefits comparable to the CEO’s of major corporations.

It’s time for those who always vote for Republicans because they always vote for that party, to take a look at the candidates they put before us. I used to vote for one, two, or maybe three in every election because I thought they would do the best job. I haven’t voted for a Republican in ten years.

Mr. Speaker, step down and let someone do your job who wants to work for solutions to our Nation’s problems. Go play golf and work on your suntan.

James Turnage

News Correspondent-The Guardian Express

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