Globally, Economically, and Locally; Not “They” But “Us”

The Part You Play In Our Nation’s Disarray

By Bridgette Bryant

politics-freedom-roleWho the heck is “THEY”?

“THEY need to…”, “If they would just…”, “Until they…”, “They have to stop…”, “They’re about to…”

Who the heck is “they”? The person in charge of all of this is YOU!

Somewhere along the road we have all gotten accustomed to saying these things and blaming “them” for what is happening. Well, who exactly is it that we are putting the blame on and at what point does at least some of it become our responsibility?

We’re mad about the government, which is the LEAST thing we have a right to be mad about because, constitutionally, it is us who are in control of IT and not the other way around. We are being defeated by our educational system, yet no one stands up and fights for a more modernized curriculum or ongoing teacher training. We’re mad about healthcare, bailouts, joblessness, taxes, fiscal cliffs, yet we continue to ignore the part we play in all this. You and I make the rules, well, we’re supposed to. You and I are charged with the task of keeping government as small as it was created to be and requiring it to report to the people, not the people reporting to government. It is us who have allowed this shift in power to occur and slowly overtake us. And it is you and I who have the choice not to allow it to continue in this manner.

We can choose to either see the problems and sit back and complain or do something about them by embracing the fact that we ARE a part of the solution. Things DO NOT have to be the way they are. Regardless of the past, today is not yet over and tomorrow is brand new.

What happens next is more in your hands than you realize. In fact, it is entirely in your hands.

But in order to get into this new frame of mind, we may have to look back and figure out a few things. Things like what it is from our individual pasts that has led us to believe the way we do today.

We may have to ask ourselves, what was it that we heard a long time ago that made us start believing we could not make a difference in the world? Was it repeated disappointments in life…unloving parents…fear of success? Or did someone say something to you that made you lose your confidence in yourself and in your own ability?

We can take the time to look back at these things or just accept the fact that locally, globally, economically; what happens next is in your full span of control.

Locally – from the simplest action of saying good morning to your neighbor and not cutting anyone off on the highway; to volunteering with your favorite organization or teaching a class about a subject you are an expert in; to making a commitment to help small business owners in your community succeed by frequenting their stores. What happens next on a local level is fully within your control.

Globally – be it missionary work, charitable contributions, stock investments, petitioning on foreign policies, or simply inviting your culturally diverse neighbors over for dinner. What happens next globally is fully within your control.

Economically – over this you have the most power.  You have the power to protest if you do not like the amount you are paying for a product-any product. You have the power to elect leaders based on their heads and hearts; not their pockets and party of registration. You have the power to stimulate job growth by reaching for your dreams and not looking back. Your mind is full of ideas for solving our economic hardships. We just need you to let them out and use them because what happens next economically is fully within your control.


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