Boehner is Anti-American

Boehner is Anti-American

Boehner is Anti-AmericanJohn Boehner, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, is submitting his so called “plan B” today. The Republican controlled House is expected to pass it. The Democratic Senate has already said it will not.

Despite the fact that the wishes of the American people oppose Boehner and his position in the negotiations over the “fiscal cliff”, he continues to protect special interests, and not the majority.

Part of his plan is to retain tax cuts for those making One Million dollars or less. Against the wishes of persons such as myself, the President said he would raise the limit from his proposed 250,000 dollars to 400,000, and would consider raising it to 800,000.

All of these figures are unacceptable to me. But, then who am I? I’m only one of the millions of voters that handed you your job, and expected you to work for me and keep your campaign promises.

If there is any change to social security, a program I paid into all of my life, I promise to never vote for a Democrat or Republican again.

Before Bush II, I was always an independent. I never registered for either party, and I seldom voted for any of their candidates.

I am a Nevadan. I truly love the entry on our ballot “none of the above”. I believe it is an accurate assessment of most of the candidates, and I hope we never lose it.

James Turnage

News Correspondent-The Guardian Express

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