Detroit Lions Calvin Johnson passes legendary Jerry Rice

MNF on Saturday Night

Detroit Lions Calvin Johnson, passes legendary Jerry RiceThe last Monday Night Football game of the season was played tonight on Saturday the 22nd of December. It featured the Atlanta Falcons playing the Detroit Lions in Detroit. The game offered little in the NFL standings but significant results of the outcome were relevant.

For the Falcons, a win meant home field advantage throughout the playoffs. With only four wins, the Lions only achievement would be for “megatron”, whose real name is Calvin Johnson, had the opportunity to pass the legendary Jerry Rice in passing yardage for a single season.

Atlanta controlled the game, and scored first. A fumble by Detroit led to a touchdown by Atlanta, and the first quarter’s score was 7-3.

In the second quarter drives by the Falcons aided by a Calvin Johnson fumble gave Atlanta a comfortable lead.

In the second half, it was obvious that the only thing Detroit had to play for was Johnson’s record. Jerry Rice had received passes for a total of 1848 yards. With 2:57 left in the game, Johnson broke free. The catch resulted in a record breaking performance of 1871 yards with one game to go.

The bad news for the Lions was another loss. Final score 31-18.

Johnson’s physicality and work ethic are beyond those of every receiver in the league. Jerry Rice himself was adamant in his praise of Calvin Johnson’s triumph. He said, “records are made to be broken”.

Detroit is a very bad organization. Pre-game show analyst Mike Ditka called them a team of selfish individuals with no leader. I agree, and it begins at the top with Jim Schwartz, their head coach.

I’m truly sorry for Calvin Johnson that he has to play on such a poor team.

James Turnage

News Correspondent-The Guardian Express