Dizzy Wright gives new hope for Hip Hop with latest EP

Dizzy Wright gives new hope for Hip Hop with latest EP – Kelly J Newson

Vegas is known for breeding some top talent and many have gone on to top the charts, for example; Ne-Yo. Though, for right now Dizzy Wright is the name that is buzzing around Vegas and Dizzy has come a long way. Even after wrapping up a world tour he still represents for his city Las Vegas. With his refreshing lyrics and amazing flow, Dizzy Wright along with Kendrick Lamar and Nas, Hip Hop could possibly be revived. Still, don’t think things were always easy for Dizzy or that he is an overnight success story but don’t let that give you doubt about his talent neither.

Dizzy Wright continues to work hard and deserves all the success that comes his way. He has released five mixtapes; “What Hip Hop Needs,” “Legendary,” “Soul Searching,” “Soul Searching the next level,” and “SmokeOut Conversations.” Nevertheless, don’t label him a weed rapper Dizzy does more than rap about weed and hold the comparisons to Wiz Khalifa as well for Dizzy Wright has a style and flow all his own. That’s a style you won’t see in this current state of Hip Hop because most rappers are afraid to rap about real issues and spit truth in their lyrics but not Dizzy. Dizzy Wright has his own style, he doesn’t copy or emulate other rappers but creates his own flow all while putting Vegas on his back and launching his career. Not to mention while getting respect and love from the likes of legendary MC Layzie Bone of Legendary group Bone Thugs and Harmony.

Dizzy is just doing what he loves while climbing the Hip Hop charts and becoming a force to reckon within the hip hop industry.  Not to mention he is doing it all while not being signed to a major label but going the independent route. Who needs a major label when you have fans around the world vibing to your music, not having to sell out or sell your soul just to make it. Dizzy has and still continues to work hard and now his talent is being heard around the global as fans flock to buy and download his music.

Now with the release of his latest EP “The First Agreement,” and as his latest single “Fly High” continues to grows with views on youtube, Dizzy fans can expect nothing but to hear some of the hottest verses and hooks on “The First Agreement.”

“The First Agreement” is available now on itunes.

Twitter: @DizzyWright

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nz0P3gnSafo&w=560&h=315]

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