Ellen, Are You Listening? 7-year-old Tayt Andersen Wants a Date to Disneyland

Tayt Andersen
Tayt Andersen















By Dawn Cranfield

Ellen, Are You Listening?  Seven-year-old Tayt Andersen wants a date to Disneyland!

Tayt Andersen of Rigby, Idaho, has been sick his entire life; he was born with only the right side of his heart, and his brain does not drain properly.  Still, according to his mother, the seven-year-old has never asked for anything until this Christmas:  He wants a date with Ellen, the famed television talk show host.

Andersen’s health has fluctuated throughout his short life, he has already endured nine open-heart surgeries; and while his family remains hopeful, he is still in need of a heart transplant.  He recently had a surgery that made him ineligible for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, because he is no longer in a life-threatening position.  However, he is still not in the clear. “I would love to see him date, go to college, grow up and be something, but the reality is, that’s not necessarily our outlook,” said Chrissy Andersen, Tayt’s mother.  (localnews8.com)

Tayt has loved Ellen “since the beginning” according to his mother.  If a doctor walks in and Ellen is on, they have to wait until the show is over, and therapy is scheduled around the show.

Lori Embree, a family friend is doing everything she can to gain the attention of the star.

Lori has learned how to use Facebook and PayPal, and states support is growing fast.  They are trying to raise $5000 to send the little boy to Disneyland and said they will do everything they can to get Ellen’s attention once they get there.

I for one, would love to see this little boy’s dreams come true.  I do not watch Ellen’s show on a regular basis, but I have seen her give away thousands to families in need.  Often times, she has everyday people appear on her show for seemingly innocuous reasons, so if there is a cause she can get behind, certainly it would be to take this little boy on a date to Disneyland.

Good luck, Tayt, and Merry Christmas!

DisneylandTo help make Tayt’s wish come true visit https://www.facebook.com/TaytsWish. (localnews8.com)




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