What lessons will we learn from the Sandy Hook Massacre

Where does it end?

What lessons will we learn from the Sandy Hook MassacreIn the light of one of the worst days in the United States the question plagues every citizen. Where does this end? Some will quickly move to have guns outlawed, some will pull their children from public schools and some will do both and more.

The question here isn’t what do we do, the question is what have we done or not done.
What I mean by this is…

I grew up in the 1970s through 1980s and we didn’t have school shootings, mall shootings, work shootings or mass killings. Was there tragedy? Yes. Were people killed? Yes. But not to the likes of twenty small innocent children being murdered.

What went wrong? What changed and how do we get back there? I think we need to complete a process of elimination in order to find the triggers to end the ideations that excite the less than stable to snap and do the things they do.

Can it be the firearm? Probably in part. But growing up in small town USA and every child, teenager and adult having the accessibility to firearms didn’t result in senseless mass killings. So the mere accessibility to firearms probably isn’t the answer. Gun control probably isn’t the answer.

Is it the environment we were raised? Did parents, teachers and guardians do something differently? In looking at these recent mass murderers the answer is.. No. They were raised in good stable homes with good parents and role models.

Is it the film makers? Movies have become inherently more graphic, more violent and more stimulating to the mind.

Is it video games? Very touchy subject right? First person shooters where you are either playing the role of the good guy or the bad guy and the object is killing not only with a gun but with edged weapons and explosive devices. Unlike the video games of the past, like Pac-Man, Asteriods, Space Invaders etc..Maybe the first person killing style games have become unidentified training ground for the weak at mind in which mass murderers are created.

Leaving the weak at mind to fantasies about living the real deal and leaving them to act out like a video game to only discover the reality in its finality then taking their own lives upon discovering what they have done.

So maybe its not the guns, the upbringing, the film industry or the video game creator. Maybe it is not just one but a culmination of all. Or could it be as simple as an unpopular young person’s way of turning the tables and becoming famous even if it means taking the lives of innocent people and themselves.

I’m not really sure where we go from here or how to stop this behavior. But what I do know, is people need to live their lives as they did yesterday, enjoy every waking moment with the people they love, because tomorrow is never a guarantee.

Garth Baker ( my thoughts and prayers are with those in connection with Sandy Hook Elementary and the town of Newton CT )

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