Update: Firefighters shot in New York while battling fire

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In New York’s Monroe County, firefighters responded to a house fire. On their arrival a gunman, or gunmen, took aim and shot four of the responders. Two are dead, and two are hospitalized in “guarded” condition.

One of the injured firefighters escaped in his own car to another location and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. The other injured man was found on the scene, able to speak and respond.

They first arrived at 6 a.m. The gunfire stopped attempts to control the fire for hours. By nine o’clock three houses were totally engulfed in flames. A SWAT team had removed residents from adjoining homes.

The suspect, or suspects have not been captured. Authorities are seeking out anyone with knowledge of who might have waged the attack.

Webster Police Chief Gerald Pickering is reporting that the gunman who shot four firefighters, and killed two of them, is dead. An additional off-duty policeman was injured from shrapnel as he was driving by the scene.

Four homes were destroyed by the fire, and four were damaged. Firefighters were unable to control the spread of flames while the gun battle lasted for hours.

The injured firefighters are expected to recover. The name of the shooter, details of his demise, and the type of weapon used has not been revealed.

The NRA has not made a statement, but I’m sure they will.

James Turnage

News Correspondent-The Guardian Express

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