Fiscal Cliff: Can you believe we elect these guys?

Fiscal Cliff???

By James Turnage

If you’re like me, you’re tired of listening to our politicians posture on the subject of the “fiscal cliff”. I thought I’d pass on a few, (a very small percentage), of some of the ways our government literally throws our tax dollars away.

In October, 2005, the Department of Homeland Security awarded a grant of 36,000 dollars to the state of Kentucky. What was it for? To prevent terrorists from using bingo balls to raise money.

In 2003 Congress agreed to subsidize the Alaska Fisheries Marketing Board. This is a salmon fisheries trade organization. They spent 500,000 dollars to have Alaska Airlines paint a 737 to look like a salmon, and named it the “Salmon Thirty Salmon”. The subsidy was proposed by the late senator Ted Stevens. (Remember the “bridge to nowhere?) Stevens’ son, Ben, just happened to be the chairman of the AFMB.

In another of its wise decisions, our government gave the Youth Outreach Unit of Blue Springs, Missouri 273,000 dollars to combat teenage “goth” culture. Their population, 48,000.

We all know that the military wastes at least half of the money the defense department receives each year, but this is possibly the most ridiculous. What’s more, can you believe we elect these guys?

In 1981, the U.S. Army spent 6,000 in federal funds to publish a 17 page manual to instruct government agencies on how to properly select and purchase a bottle of Worcestershire sauce. (?????)

The final accounting for the year 2003 revealed that the government could not account for 24.5 billion dollars. They have no idea where it went. I was just “gone”.

And we, the voters are to blame. We elect them.

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