“Fiscal Cliff” Could Force Change in Republican Leadership

Give Them Nothing

Fiscal Cliff Could Force Change in Republican Leadership

No one inside the “fiscal cliff” negotiations is allowed to give details. But, if what has ‘leaked’ out is true, President Obama and Senator Harry Reid are “giving away the farm”, and McConnell still will not agree to a deal.

Democrats have agreed to set the limit for no tax increase at $400,000 and below. The American people were expecting the income level to be $250,000 and below. They would also agree to a lower tax rate and higher threshold for inheritance taxes, which are scheduled to revert to 55% January 1st.

Democrats would get an extension of unemployment benefits, maintain the alternative minimum tax, and ensure that doctors would receive full pay for Medicare treatment for only one year. The concessions to the Republicans would be permanent.

The worst case scenario is for the Republicans to refuse any deal. Polls show that the American people will place blame squarely on the shoulders of the G.O.P.

I think the President should revert to his original position on everything. Give the obstructionist right nothing. Force a change in Republican leadership and philosophy. The G.O.P. has become the “party of losers”. Let them lose.

By James Turnage

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