Heisman Trophy 2012: The best player in college football in 2012 won the award

It Was Historic

by James Turnage

If you read my former article about the Heisman Trophy, you’ll know I was very pleased about the results. The best player in college football in 2012 won the award. His name is Johnny Manziel, or, as he is called, “Johnny Football”. He is the second player from Tyler, Texas to win the award. The first was Earl Campbell.

Giving Manziel the award was historical. A freshman has never won the Heisman in its first 77 years. His quarterback play for Texas A&M was somewhat unbelievable. His physical ability was not a surprise, but his poise and confidence were way beyond his years. Watch him in the Cotton Bowl January 4th.

I truly believed Manti Te’o was going to receive the award. He is a linebacker for the undefeated Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and is an outstanding player. He has over 100 tackles and 7 interceptions. If he had won the award, it would have been a first as well. No purely defensive player has ever taken home the trophy.

It was a great night. If you watched it you saw the tears of joy of Manziel’s father, demonstrating the pride he has for his son. For Johnny Football the dream of a lifetime came true.

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