I am not a Pittsburgh Steeler Fan, I’m a lunatic.

I’m so Happy I was Wrong

By James Turnage:

Anyone who has read my sports articles is aware that I am not a Pittsburgh Steeler Fan, I’m a lunatic. I predicted that the Baltimore Ravens, playing at home, and the Steelers without Ben Roethlisberger, would easily defeat their arch rivals. Surprise, surprise. The number one defense in the league gave back-up 37 year old Charlie Batch a chance to win.

When Steeler’s wide receiver Emanuel Sanders fumbled the ball after what would have been a touchdown, and then a few plays later dropped a pass, I thought it was over. A sack of Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco and a subsequent fumble gave the Steelers a chance for victory.

When Shaun Suisham kicked a field goal with no time left, the Steelers secured a victory. Final score 23-20.

With all the critical injuries Pittsburgh has endured during this season, I have no idea how far they can go into the playoffs, if they make them. What I witnessed in this game is a Raven’s team that lacks a quality defense and a quarterback that can “win the big one”.

No matter, tonight I’m a “happy camper”. I truly believe this season has been the most interesting and exciting one in a very long time. I just wish it never had to end.