Jenni Rivera killed by Mexican Cartel

The business owner Esquino Christian Nuñez, owner of the plane where Jenni Rivera was killed has alleged ties to organize crime, according to United States medias.

The aircraft register N345MC and built-in 1969, is registered as owned by Starwood Management, one of the companies own by Esquino Nuñez, which filed for bankruptcy in February 2012 for protection from its creditors, who had at least 5 million dollars. It also has a track record that includes forgery aircraft registration and an operation to enter Mexico with false identity, the son of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

Esquino Christian Nuñez is under investigation by a U.S. Federal Court for alleged ties to the Tijuana Cartel. In February 2012, the DEA seized an aircraft on suspicion of carrying illegal drugs with her. He was also related to the attempt to illegally detain Saadi, the son of Muammar Gaddafi, in Mexico. DEA spokeswoman Lisa Webb Johnson confirmed Thursday the planes owned by Las Vegas-based Starwood Management were seized in Texas and Arizona, but she declined to discuss details of the case.

In 2005, Esquino Nuñez was also wanted by the authorities for various inconsistencies and alters the record books Starwood six planes and fake licenses for pilots, airport codes, and aircraft registration numbers and seals official review.

His legal woes date back decades. He pleaded guilty to a fraud charge that stemmed from a major drug investigation in Florida in the early 1990s and most recently was sentenced to two years in federal prison in a California aviation fraud case. Esquino, a Mexican citizen, was deported upon his release. He and various other companies he has either been involved with or owns have also been sued for failing to pay millions of dollars in loans, according to court records.

In 1993 he was arrested in Florida on charges of drug trafficking and that apparently allowed other criminals join 487 kilos of cocaine into the United States.

Esquino said in a telephone interview from Mexico City Friday night that the singer was considering buying the aircraft from Starwood for $250,000 and the flight was offered as a test ride. The 78-year-old pilot and five other people were also killed.

Esquino is no stranger to tangles with the law, and his business dealings have come under increased media scrutiny since the crash.
Cynthia Hawkins, a former assistant U.S. attorney who handled the case and is now in private practice in Orlando, remembered the investigation well.
“It was huge,” Hawkins said Thursday. “This was an international smuggling group.”
In September, the DEA seized another Starwood aircraft — a 1977 Hawker 700 with an insured value of $1 million — after it landed in McAllen, Texas, from a flight from Mexico.

Insurers of both aircraft have since filed complaints in federal court in Nevada seeking to have the Starwood policies nullified, in part, because they say Esquino lied in the application process when he noted he had never been indicted on drug-related criminal charges. Both companies said they would not have issued the policies had he been truthful.
Jenni Rivera died at the peak of her career, while flying from Monterrey to the center city of Toluca Sunday early morning. She was love by millions of fans and perhaps the most successful female singer in grupero, a mostly male-dominated Mexican regional style. As fans and family waits for more details of what happen that day. The family plans Jenni’s last farewell expected to be big, as she was life, fans of the singer have ask thought social medias, to ask the family to consider Rivera’s open door farewell before she’s finally put to rest.

So far no member of the dynasty Rivera has given details of the funeral, but information was leaked to the press who are planning to give a fitting farewell at the Staples Center, Nokia Theatre or Gibson, to be taken into account any of these places, the funeral could be held next Tuesday.

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  1. Jane   December 9, 2013 at 9:35 am

    “Jenni Rivera killed by Mexican Cartel”

    There is nothing in this story that indicates a theory as to how or why. Lots of interesting tidbits, but nothing at all that deals with the headline.

  2. Alex Constantine   December 29, 2012 at 8:52 am

    Is there a copy editor in the house?


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