Jenni Rivera remains back in California

Jenni Rivera remains moved to California  After a long and painful wait, Jenni Rivera’s remains were given to Lupillo Rivera and his brothers on Thursday. From Los Angeles, the Rivera family sent a private plane to Monterrey to pick up the singer, who is expected to arrive by Wednesday night. The newspaper El Norte reported that Lupillo will go to the U.S. Consulate to process the output of Mexico from the remains of Jenni.

Rumors during day where that Jenni Rivera will be cremated and placed in bright rend urn, according to the will of the singer herself. However, during the night the Rivera family denied the news that Jenni was or will be cremated, ensuring that it was not the will of the ‘Diva of the Band’ and therefore had not proceeded to the cremation.

What it does confirm is that the body of the singer and was transferred to Los Angeles, where family, children, friends and fans expect the star to start him a last farewell.

Lupillo was escorted by Mexican authorities, led the hearse and along with his brothers boarded the plane that carried Jenni home.

A press conference it’s expected on Thursday night, by Pedro Rivera Jr. with details to what the family have decided on what to do with the remains and the plans for the funeral of the singer.

On Thursday morning it was reported that Lupillo was a carpenter to make him a cross of mahogany, to place it in the scene.

According to Reforma, a source close to Lupillo said: “ordered a mahogany cross, very nice and large, went to see her at night and it was delivered, was working as an emergency, and a carpenter could do it in few hours. Left the hospital and went to order it and explained how I wanted.”

With great secrecy, his brothers Peter and John moved around 7:00pm Wednesday to the scene aboard a state helicopter, toured the site and lowered to place the cross.
According to reports from various media, the brothers were there about 20 minutes, then fly back to Monterrey.

Besides the death of Jenni Rivera, the process of identification of the body has become an ordeal for the family of the singer, and that waiting for the results of DNA testing was eternal.

“The last thing we know is that they are investigating. Hereafter (in Monterrey) is already Lupillo, Gustavo and Juan. Want to be absolutely certain that if you have the body and when they have that confirmation, we will know what to do.”

“It seems they found a piece of body and asked if he had scars on his body and the back Jenni and Rosy said no. It is the last we know of it, “said Pedro Rivera Jr.

Meanwhile, Dona Rosa Saavedra, Jenni’s mother said: “we agree to everything we say. We are researching all that we ask. “

According to journalists who kept vigil in the Semefo of Monterrey, authorities allegedly located more than 200 pieces of the victims to be given by officially dead until they issue a death certificate, which will be extended to collate evidence DNA from the remains.


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