Miss Universe 2012 Top 10 Favorites

Photographer: Matt Brown

December 19, at Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada  89 of the most beautiful women in the world will meet face to face, with the sole intention of being awarded the title Miss Universe 2012.

Here are the top 10 favorites in ramdom order

• Miss South Africa: Melinda Bam 23-years-old is originally from Pretoria, where she lived almost all her life. In 2008 she began her career as a model. Melinda studied Communication and Marketing at the University of Pretoria and she has appeared on the cover of several magazines. She says she is not very feminine and she has an interest in the problems of the people. She’s also a designer and not long ago she launched her own swimwear. She is described as a beautiful woman, very outspoken and highly sensual.

• Miss Finland: originally from Helsinki, Sara Chafak Yasmina has become on of the favorites to win the completion. The 22-year-old has peculiar beauty  can place her to the top. She stated modeling at age 16 and she is currently studying International Marketing at the Estonian Business School. Even thought some will classified her as over weight others think she is the perfect woman.

• Miss Kosovo: Avdiu Diana was born in Mitrovica, a town stranded in the Balcanes. Since she was 15 she has been dedicated to modeling and do to her job she lived in the United States for a while. What is more striking about this 19-year-old is her thin face, color skin, which contrast perfectly with her raven hair and green eyes. She is currently studying cinematic arts and wants to become a cinema director.

Photographer: Darren Decker

• Miss Australia: This  22-year-old has captivated the public and the organizers of the event. Renae Ayris has been shaping up a favorite. Renae is originally from Perth, Australia. She has been a professional model since age 15 which it has allowed her to work in different parts of the world.

• Miss Guatemala: this Central American beauty Laura Beatriz Godoy Calle, was born in the capital city of this nation. She’s 24-year-old and she have also been dedicated to modeling for more than several years. Laura is currently studding for her Bachelors degree in Nutrition; previously she has won several local beauty pageants and is a strong candidate to take the crown.

• Miss Bolivia: “A bomb of sensuality,” is how the judges have ranked Yessica Mouton, the 24-year-old  since she was a little girl has been competing in several beauty contest. Yessica is originally from San Cruz, fluent in English, and studying International Relation.

• Miss Thailand: Farida Nutpimon Waller is the younger contender. This 19-year-old has suffered more transformations before reaching Miss Universe, which has made her face features more refine.

Photographer: Darren Decker

• Miss Venezuela: Has always been one of the countries favorites to take the crown. Irene Sofia Esser Quintero, 21-year-old originally form Pueto Ordaz. Irene comes form a wealthy family form Venezuela, as a teenager she lived for several years in England. Currently, Esser is studying at the University of Andes in Merida.

• Miss Mexico: Once again Mexico is place on the top ten contenders for the crown. Laura Karina Gonzalez Muñoz was born in Aguascalientes on March 28, 1991. This 21-year-old with her brown eyes and hair is studying architecture combining with modeling. She was won Feria de Aguascalientes.

• Miss Croatia: Elizabeta Burg, is another of the youngest contestants, at only 19-year-old Elizabeta is originally form a small town call Vrbanja Croatian. Her parents own a farm, where she work there as a little girl, milking cows and cleaning stables. That experience marked her life and therefore she is studying to be a Veterinary Medicine. Elizabeta also enjoys horseback riding, volleyball, and modeling, amount her other passions are to open a modeling agency.

Miss Universe Competition will broadcast live on NBC, December 19 at 8 p.m. ET (8 p.m. PT /tape delay). From the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino.



For additional information on the Miss Universe Competition visit: www.missuniverse.com

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