Mexico jailbreak leaves 17 dead

The government of Durango, in northern Mexico, confirmed that the city jail of Gomez Palacio took a gun battle that left 17 people dead, including six guards and eleven inmates.

The battle occurred when a group of inmates shot the guards in the towers and the trustee. Ten dozen of inmates tried to escape. The guards fired shots into the air to hold them.

The riot was controlled by night by Army soldiers. So far has not been reported how the prisoners had access to the weapons used in the conflict.

Gang violence is an endemic problem in the Mexican penal system.
The incident happened a day after President Enrique Pena Nieto announced the creation of a national police force to help tackle crime and violence. In September, more than 130 prisoners, many from the powerful Zetas cartel, escaped from a facility in the state of Coahuila, close to the US border.

So far only a handful have been re-arrested.

On Monday, President Pena Nieto unveiled a six-point strategy to combat crimes linked to drug violence, kidnappings and extortions. His plan includes a new militarized force of 10,000 officers.
In the last two years, 521 prisoners have escaped, while 352 homicides have been committed inside penitentiaries, according to the National Human Rights Commission.

According to government offices, illegal substances are found in prisons, including weapons and drugs.
It’s said, that 60% of Mexico’s prisons are controlled by organized crime groups.
Human rights groups say the penal system suffers from chronic overcrowding and is in urgent of an overhaul.

Mexico has 419 prisons, 13 controlled by the federal government, and the rest managed by state and municipal authorities.

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