Nevada’s “work card” policy, a racket forcing people to pay for jobs

Work Cards

Nevada's "work card" policy, a racket forcing people to pay for their jobBy James Turnage

Erin Lale wrote a very informative article about Nevada’s requirement for certain employees to receive “work cards”.

I was a dealer or games supervisor in the Reno/Sparks area for 20 years. In Reno, I was required to obtain a ‘work’ or ‘police card’, in Sparks it was called a ‘Sheriff’s Card’.

I was told the purpose was to eliminate employment by individuals who had felonies, or owed payment to the IRS, or were in violation of their child support obligation. It was all a lie. It was simply a way for city governments to rape the low income wage earner.

As a dealer, there was an additional 30 dollar fee paid to the FBI for fingerprinting. I assumed it was to insure that someone with a criminal background could not secure employment in an industry that handled hundreds of thousands of dollars daily. That policy took so much time that the employee was no longer working in northern Nevada if he or she was wanted by law enforcement.

There was no proof, not a single instance in 20 years of my employment proved to me these were no more than unfair taxes on the lowest paid employees in the state. Throughout those years, I witnessed several dealers and supervisors arrested for theft, and embezzlement. They had all received work cards. In my opinion, the casinos should spend their own money performing background checks on their employees. Persons seeking employment should not have to pay for their jobs.

On a personal note, I was part of a group that opened a new casino in 1968 here in Reno. My wife at the time had contacted the District Attorney’s office to enforce a court decision to force her ex-husband to pay current and back child support for their child. They couldn’t locate his current residence. On the second day the casino was open, I was a member of the dice crew that “pushed out” the graveyard crew. The dealer I replaced was my wife’s ex-husband. He had a “police card” or he could not have been employed. Somehow the DA’s did not know he was employed right under their noses, literally. I told my wife, and she called the DA’s office. Mills Lane, who was the District Attorney at the time, took her case personally and was instrumental in forcing her ex to compensate her.

I have looked at hundreds of government agencies who require taxes of various varieties. They may be local, state, or federal, but far too many of them are aimed at middle class or lesser paid employees. The money they steal from these individuals is never spent on the purpose stated at their inception. Where it goes, no one knows.