NRA has no interest in public safety

I am Not Surprised

NRA has no interest in public safetyThe NRA promised a major policy statement today, Friday 12/12/2012. It was what I said in an earlier article, and I’m not the least bit surprised.

The lobby’s chief executive Wayne LaPierre, said we need “a plan of absolute protection”, including guns in schools. In his estimation, the only thing that stops a ‘bad’ guy with a gun, is a ‘good’ guy with a gun.

He is either the most ignorant man on the face of the earth, or the son of that man.

Has he been hiding in a cave the last year? He would have us arm everyone. I would love to see a meeting of the NRA, and Mr. LaPierre in attendance, and have a major disagreement occur. Then I would love them all to pull out their handguns and begin shooting each other. This is the mentality of this criminal lobby.

The NRA has no interest in public safety. Their only goal is to sell more guns, and create more guns that shoot with more power and speed.

All the slogans they espouse are as full of holes as the bodies of innocents riddled by an assault rifle.

I am disgusted with this group of uncaring men and women. They will not be happy until a group of armed men enter a crowded room and murder hundreds of innocent people. But they would find a way to spin that as well.

James Turnage

News Correspondent-The Guardian Express

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