President Obama gives Reid original plan and 10 days to pass

Reid is Right

President Obama gives Reid original plan and 10 days to passBefore President Obama left for Hawaii for Christmas, he made a statement. He told Congress to get a deal done in 10 days so he can sign it when he returns from his Christmas vacation.

He put the responsibility on Republicans who are in disarray. Mr. Obama said that he had met them half way on taxes and more than half way on spending cuts, and that they need to take action to save tax rates being increased for the middle class.

Harry Reid has supported the idea that they pass the President’s original plan and raise taxes on individuals making more than 200,000 dollars, and couples more that 250,000. He believes the bill should be given to the Senate where it will pass and see what happens in the House. He said he was certain enough Republicans would approve the plan to get it passed by both houses.

McConnell claims that Democrats worked all day Thursday to defeat Boehner’s “plan B” in the House. Boehner claimed it was members of his own party who refused to support him.

A poll today showed that the President’s approval rating rose seven points since the slaughter at Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday. It rose in every category including his own Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. His involvement in the tragedy and action to change our nation’s gun laws are widely supported.

I hope Republicans take the “fiscal cliff” issue seriously. If government fails to solve the problem before January 1st, polls show they will receive the majority of the blame.

James Turnage

News Correspondent-The Guardian Express

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