President Obama, Weren’t You Re-elected?

An Open Letter to President Barrack Hussein Obama

President Obama, Weren't You Reelection?Mr. President. I would like to remind you that you won the election, didn’t you? Weren’t you re-elected? Listen, we who voted for you and made that possible expect you to live up to your promises.

For four years you gave into the Republican Party and their subsidiary the TEA Party. I know part of it was that you wanted a second term. You got it. Now it’s time to smash the opposition and take action for those who supported you.

The polls show the American people are on your side. We want taxes raised on those making more than 250,000 dollars, not 400,000. They have a wonderful life thanks to people like me who labored for them for decades. Backing down on a campaign promise makes us look like fools. Why did I bother to vote if you are less of a man than I thought you were?

And putting any form of change to social security on the table, is completely unacceptable. We seniors paid into it for 40 or more years. It belongs to us. For many of us it is all of our income, thanks to having worked for decades for companies that offered no pension plan. The cost of living increase barely allows me to live. Take the money from someone else. There are plenty of men and women who literally throw money away because they have too much of it.

You were elected by a wide variety of demographics. Being a “lame duck” President is supposed to have its advantages. One of those advantages is not having to worry about getting re-elected. Do what you promised. If we go over the “fiscal cliff”, polls show that the American people will rightfully blame the Republicans.

I worked for you, work for me.

James Turnage

News Correspondent-The Guardian Express

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