Ravens fired offensive coordinator Cam Cameron: Was he the right guy?

Did They Fire the Right Guy?

By James Turnage

The Baltimore Ravens fired offensive coordinator Cam Cameron today. The Ravens have lost two straight, and in yesterday’s game they scored only 7 points after half time. He had been in charge of the offense since 2008.

I have watched the frequently this year, and I know he was not the whole problem.

Visiting the Washington Redskins Sunday, they lost in overtime 31-28. Their once great defense is now just ‘good’. They are not rated in the top 20 in pass or run defense.

Placing the blame entirely on Cameron for an inconsistent offense is not and accurate assessment. They just plain lack a great deal of talent. Ray Rice, running back, is their best player by a landslide. If a team’s defense can stop him, they usually win. The problem with the Ravens this year is that Rice isn’t getting enough touches.

At the beginning of the season there was some discussion if Ravens’ quarterback Joe Flacco is among the league’s best. I think he has answered that question for us. First of all, he’s extremely inconsistent. He’ll make good decisions, and in the middle of a drive make a very bad one and throw the ball to the other team. My biggest criticism of him is that he can’t make “all the throws”. A professional quarterback must be accurate with short, medium, and long passes, and make them from sideline to sideline. Flacco has a strong arm and some of his long yardage passes are beautiful to watch. But he is often inaccurate with short and medium range passes, especially throws to the sidelines.

I am a firm believer that coaches should be released if they don’t produce. And sometimes a coach’s time us simply up. I believe that as great as he has been, Dick LeBeau’s time as Pittsburgh’s defensive coordinator is just about up. But in Baltimore’s case, I think Cameron is just a part of the problem. There are problems in every part of the offense, with the exception of Rice.

But, as my wife often points out, I could be wrong. If I am, we’ll see how well they do next Sunday against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

James Turnage

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