Republican Party owe the voters, not rich friends

Time to End the GOP

Republican Party owe the voters, not rich friendsHouse Republicans have to take a long, hard look at their jobs, and who they work for. They were elected to serve the citizens of their states. They were not given their jobs by big business, banks, or Wall Street.

The American people want the country to return to the tax rates that were established under the Clinton Administration, to what is fair. If the GOP is unable to understand that they owe the voters, not their rich friends, then they must disband, they are not the Republican Party I knew when I was young.

I want to say one thing to all of Washington’s elected officials. You are not that important. I am more of an asset to my Country than you are. You are the problem to the solutions that we must have to rebuild our Nation. I am in line with the needs, hopes, and wishes of the people of this once great country. You are concerned more with a very small group of people, very rich people, including yourselves. And now you have the nerve to stop doing your job and take time off for the Christmas Holiday, while a serious issue is still looming.

During the majority of my life, I worked jobs that required I work on Christmas, and every other Holiday. There was a job to be done. Maybe if the heating and air conditioning systems were removed from the Capitol Building, you would learn to have a sense of urgency, and then be allowed to take Holidays off.

Over 75% of Americans know that government is broken. The road to fixing it is simple, but because, according to the Constitution, congress would have to vote for them, nothing will ever happen. Downsizing the federal government and creating term limits would be a start. Eliminating their retirement benefits, and putting them on the same plan as the rest of the country would be a good thing. They should be on social security retirement plans like the rest of us, who, by the way, employ them.

Our government in one word is ‘revolting’. It’s time for some sort of revolution.

James Turnage

New Correspondent-The Guardian Express

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