Republican party still the “good old boy’s club

Pay Attention, This is a Major Reason You Lost in November

Republican party still the “good old boy’s clubThis is directed at white men of the extreme religious right. You are not the majority. Romney’s campaign never understood that, and they lost badly in the election. Minorities and single women outnumber you, and actually pay attention to the issues. You are solely involved with money. They are wise enough to know that there are many more important problems in our country, and we need leaders who are willing to attack or protect all of them.

Single women are a key voting bloc, and they are avoiding the G.O.P. in large numbers. Sara Stevenson, a single, working woman who is 31 years old said she was unable to align herself with the white married men she works with. The men were concerned with taxes, while she and her friends were more concerned with other issues, and “I’ve never heard my friends lament about taxes”.

The 2010 census showed more women are graduating college and joining the work force. Between 2000 and 2010, 18 percent more single women were part of the overall work force.

In 1960 the average woman married at 20. Today the age is 27. Today nearly 1/3rd of all citizens are living alone. In 1950, (where the Republicans still live), it was 9 percent. Women are no longer going to college to “find a husband”. They are seeking careers and financial independence for themselves.

In the recent election, single women favored President Obama 67% to 31%. Since 1962 polls show single women have favored the Democratic Party, and with their percentages growing, they create a gap in the positive numbers for Republicans.

Single men also favor Democrats because of their age group.

Stevenson said statements by Republican candidates about “legitimate rape”, and abortion rights were far from accurate. They didn’t believe they would be a factor in the election. They were. Women are less likely to get married now than at any time in history. Contrary to Republican claims, they care about contraceptive rights and equal protection under the law more than tax rates by a vast majority.

In general, women are moving away from the Republican Party. They say that they are just too extreme, and don’t understand or represent the morals and issues of women in our country. They are still the “good old boy’s club”.

James Turnage

News Correspondent-The Guardian Express

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