Tea Party Senator Jim DeMint going where the money is

The Proof’s in Actions, Not Words

By James Turnage

Tea Party Senator Jim DeMint is leaving his seat in the United States Senate. He will be heading the Heritage Foundation, an extreme right wing PR group and Lobby.

He never accomplished anything in the Senate. He never authored one piece of legislation, or headed a single committee. But because the soon to be former Senator from South Carolina could convince his constituents to believe in his “principles” he is known as a conservative leader.

What he is, is an opportunist. He’s going where the money is. He is one of many in our legislature who sought election for the wrong reasons. They didn’t do it to “serve their country”, or to help the residents of their states, they wanted the power and access to money for themselves.

Personally, I’ll be glad to see him gone. Whoever replaces him for the long term, whether they be Democrat or Republican, will do a better job. Better put, they’ll hopefully work and do the job for which they were elected.

We need serious men and women in our legislature. We don’t need pretenders or salesmen. We need men and women who will “walk the walk”.

So good-bye Jim. I don’t wish you well. And I certainly can’t say, “Thanks for your service”. Just as did Caribou Barbie, you deserted the citizens of your state who elected you.

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