Wayans back on TV

Wayans back on TV – Kelly J Newson

It’s been a while since the Wayans family were on TV but come January 15th 2013 BET will premiere “Second Generation Wayans” starring Damien Dante Wayans, Craig Wayans, Tatyana Ali and George O. Gore III. The show is a scripted family comedy giving Craig and Damien Wayans a chance to emerge on their own and show off their comedic skills but you can expect for the show to be a Wayans family affair with guest spots from other Wayans family members. For when the Wayans put together a movie or TV series it becomes a family affair with the whole family supporting adn contributing. Something you don’t see in Hollywood but the Wayans they know the true definition of family and support. Now cousins Damien and Craig Wayans are emerging with their own show, showing that the Wayans family aren’t going anywhere.

Damien Dante Wayans received his start at an early age in 1987 when he starred in Eddie Murphy’s concert film “Eddie Murphy Raw,” before co-starring with his uncle Damon Wayans in “Major Payne.” Though, it wasn’t until starring in Jamie’s Kennedy’s “Malibu’s Most Wanted” that he received his big break. Damien is more than just a actor but he is a master behind the camera as well as he has written and directed episodes for “My Wife and Kids,” the Show Time sketch comedy show “The Underground,” and “Dance Flick,” along with other family members Keenan, Shawn, Marlon and cousin Craig Wayans.

Craig Wayans on the other hand till now in starring in “Second Generation Wayans,” used his skills behind the camera. Craig Wayans like his cousin Damien also worked on “Major Payne” but Craig was behind the camera as a production assistant. Later he would go on to co-write “Scary Movie 2,” “The Underground,” co-star in “Don’t be a Menace to South Central While drinking your juice in the hood,” and “The Sixth Man.” Craig Wayans is more notably known as a regular writer on “My Wife and Kids.” Now with cousin Damien they have their own company Second Generation Entertainment and a scripted family comedy coming this January to BET along with co-stars Tatyana Ali and George O. Gore III. With possibly a few guest spots from other members of the Wayans family. “Second Generation Wayans” is truly a family affair and fans can expect just that a good family comedic show.

“Second Generation Wayans” premiers January 15th only BET.


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