William Spengler had an AR-15, is our country “Brain Dead”?

Did You Wonder Too?

When it was revealed that 62 year old William Spengler had an AR-15, and a twelve gauge shotgun when he murdered 2 Firemen in Monroe County in upstate New York, I asked myself a question. If he was a convicted felon, serving 17 years in prison for the murder of his grandmother with a hammer, how did he get the assault rifle? Felons are restricted from buy weapons of mass destruction.

Here’s the answer. His neighbor, a 24 year old Vietnamese woman by the name of Dawn Nguyen purchased them, telling the gun store owner they were for her own personal use, when in truth she was procuring them for Spengler. She is now in federal custody.

So NRA, your premise has always been that “if we take away our weapons, only criminals will have weapons” is another stretch of the imagination. In all the recent massacres of innocent citizens the weapons were legally obtained in one form or another.

As I watched another idiot on the news tonight from Utah who was training teachers how to use firearms, saying that the only way to stop the bad guys with guns was to give the good guys guns, I almost vomited. All guns should be eliminated from our society. We must become as civilized as Great Britain, Australia, and Japan. Enough is enough, and I am outraged to a greater degree every time I read or hear about one more innocent person who lost their life because a man needed to feel more like a man.

I sometimes think our country is “brain dead”, and needs to be taken off of life support.

James Turnage

News Correspondent-The Guardian Express

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