“Global Warming” effects on the world’s weather

There’s No Such Thing

I constantly read debates about “global warming” and the effects it has on the world’s weather. There is no such animal. This misnomer has caused big business who are the greatest polluters of our natural resources to scoff at the 99% of scientists in the world who blame human beings for creating a severe environmental problem.

What has occurred is “climate change”. Scientists who are not on the payroll of a large corporation all agree that the all time record high and low temperatures in the world are the result of the destruction of the ozone layer, the rain forests, and water pollution. The majority of the causes are from corporate greed. The increase in combustion engines are a major cause. Factory pollution of rivers and streams are guilty as well. And even corporate ranches that keep cows in pens for their lives, concerned only with how much milk they can produce are at fault, creating an increase in methane gas of a thousand percent. (I know it tastes good, I remember. But beef is not good for you).

Has anyone noticed the severity of storms and natural disasters in the last ten years? The tornado and hurricane seasons last longer and are more severe. Heat in the central plains has increased and the absence of rain has devastated crops. Snowfall in the Midwest and east is deeper and faster. Super Storm Sandy demonstrated the combining of natural forces uniting to accomplish mass destruction.

Is a corporate officer or a legislator paid off by a lobbyist more intelligent than a highly trained scientist? If you think they are, you are part of the problem and you have had your head tucked inside your shell for far too long.

I’m an old fart. I won’t be here to see the ultimate destruction caused by climate change, but my grandchildren will. For far too many people in our capitalistic society money is the only God, the only guideline for the way they live their lives.

James Turnage

News Correspondent-The Guardian Express

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