ADL Celebrating 100 years

ADL Celebrating 100 years

Some Progress, But Still Prevalent

It should be no surprise to anyone that racism, bigotry, homophobia, and even anti-Semitism still exist in very large numbers in the United States.  You experience it every day.  You don’t hear it as much, openly, unless you listen to people like Rush Limbaugh.  And if you listen to him, you are most certainly a prejudiced person, and are already angry with me for writing this.  But, if you choose not to ignore it, you see it everyday.

The TEA Party, and extreme right wing lobbies have been known to say things such as, “we don’t want our money going to those people”.

The ADL, Anti-defamation League is celebrating 100 years.  Should it be celebrating or reviewing its lack of progress?

In a century the ADL has stood up to the Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan.  It fought for civil rights legislation and monitored race crimes and religious persecution.

ADL National Director, Abraham Foxman, was asked if its founder, Sigmund Livingston, would be happy with the League’s achievements.  This was his answer:

“What are we celebrating? We’re celebrating 100 years of a nation that still needs to fight bigotry, prejudice, racism and anti-Semitism. We really debated: Should we commemorate or celebrate? And I think Sigmund Livingston would say ‘You know what, there’s enough to celebrate.”

I grew up in Los Angeles.  When I moved to Reno, I was in a small state of shock until I learned that my new home had one been labeled “the Mississippi of the West”, then, a lot of what I saw and heard made sense.  When President Obama was elected, I witnessed a great deal of anger directed towards him.  It wasn’t long until I was convinced that it was because he was African-American, and for no other reason.

If you read this before, I apologize for repeating myself.  I am not a big fan of bumper stickers.  They change no one’s mind, they just anger you or make you laugh at the people inside the car.  I did see one that I approved of, and also made me a little sad.  It said:  “When bigotry and racism arrive in the United States, they will be wearing the flag, and carrying a cross.”

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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