CDC advises this could be worst flu seasons in recent years

Should You Get A Flu Shot?

 CDC advises this could be worst flu seasons in recent yearsThe CDC advises that this could be one of the worst flu seasons in recent years. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention advises that the last week of December recorded severe cases in 41 states. 18 deaths of children and infants are attributed to the flu virus.

Joe Bresee, the chief of the CDC’s Epidemiology and Prevention Branch said in a statement: “While we can’t say for certain how severe this season will be, we can say that a lot of people are getting sick with influenza, and we are getting reports of severe illness and hospitalization.”

Ten states, including our own, Nevada, are reporting only few or minor cases of influenza.

As usual, those in the greatest need of flu shots are children, the elderly, especially if they have underlying medical conditions, and pregnant women. The available vaccine is aligned will with this year’s strain, and will greatly reduce symptoms if one is affected by the virus.

By James Turnage

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